A month ago, I and my housemates decided to have our rented house spring cleaned. We couldn’t afford to hire a cleaning company and we decided it would be fun if we cleaned it by ourselves. So we bought all kinds of cleaning products, gloves, brooms and everything we might need and started. It didn’t appear to be something quite difficult, we just cleaned the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the drawers, scrubbed the floors, hovered thoroughly and did some windows cleaning as much as we could.

As some of us are smokers and do smoke in the living-dining area, all of the curtains looked and smelled awful and curtain cleaning was absolutely necessary. Although we cleaned everywhere once we got to the curtains it turn out to be impossible to clean or wash them as they were made of really thin and delicate fabric. Although we decided not to spend any money on the cleaning and do it by ourselves it was obvious we needed to pay for curtain cleaning. Then I remembered a friend of mine had used a curtain cleaning adelaide company to do their curtains and he was really happy with the results.

So I called Marks Curtain Cleaning Adelaide and took their number. They swore they found no such affordable prices as theirs all over the net.

When I called, a friendly person on the phone explained they were to apply either steam or dry curtain cleaning, depending on the fabric of the curtains which we were unaware of. He also explained the cleaners will decide on site which method would apply. We booked a service on Sunday with no extra fee, the curtains cleaning was great, the curtains smell fabulous now and look like brand new. As per the prices, absolutely reasonable I may say.

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Adler Conway is a professional writer and blogger. I live in Melbourne. I am a manager in cleaning company.