I believe you can turn ANY thing into part of your meditation practice. Spring time is a lovely time that allows you to get outside, wake up from your hibernations.

Your spring garden can be a delightful addition to your meditation practice. It can be very simple to design a special space that will appeal to all your senses without requiring much time consuming maintenance.

These are some ways to create a garden that can improve your peace of mind come rain or shine.

I must admit that I am planning several little spaces like this on our new property. This way there are options to fit the mood or meditation for the day. And I am working on a couple of unique spaces on my current space that will pull visitors in and create those warm feelings.

How to Design your Meditation Garden:

1. Select lush plants. An abundance of green plants helps to create a relaxing atmosphere. Any variety of mint or other herbs will add a pleasing scent. If you live in a warm climate, you can enjoy the rustle of bamboo or look for an ornamental grass that's suited to your region. Don’t you just love the rustling of leaves in the breeze!

2. Incorporate objects of meditation. Depending on your faith tradition, you may want to include a statue of Buddha or another meaningful image, maybe a saint or guardian angel. A simple arrangement of rocks or weathered wood can add extra appeal. Many people also find it helpful to rake gravel or sand. Many specialty stores sell these readymade "Zen Gardens."

3. Install solar birdbaths or fountains. The sound of running water can stimulate your mind while it masks background noises. With solar devices, you can enjoy the effect and be good to the environment. You'll also delight in the song and company of the birds you attract. There are many birds around us and I love to watch them twittering here and there.

4. Arrange for comfortable seating. If you prefer to sit on the ground, you may just want to keep a spot clear so you can bring a cushion or mat outdoors with you. If you use a chair, ensure it promotes good posture so you can keep your back straight and your feet on the ground. I like to hide the seating a little so you can enjoy your quiet corner, but you are not easily seen by passersby.

5. Build a path. Even in a small garden, a path can enhance your sense of space and exploration. You can contemplate a trail of stones or diversify your practice with some walking meditation. If you build the path from smooth river rocks you can actually walk barefoot which will relax you just like reflexology.

Spending Sunny Days in Your Meditation Garden:

1. Clear away distractions. Put aside internal and external distractions when it's time to meditate. Select times of the day when you are more relaxed and less concerned about the outside world. And times of the day when there is less interference from the passersby and traffic.

2. Ward away bugs. There are many ways to steer clear of insects without killing them. For wasps, keep a look out so you can stay away from their nests. Avoid the things that attract them like perfume, bright colors, and food. For natural ant repellent, try planting some mint cucumber or marigolds.

3. Protect yourself from excessive sun exposure. You get just as much sun whether you're exercising or sitting down. Use a sunscreen with full spectrum protection and wear a hat, especially if you meditate at midday when the sun is strongest. Shady trees are a lovely way to hide from the bright sunlight and can be wonderful to meditate with.

Enjoying Your Spring Meditation Garden on Rainy Days:

1. Develop some sheltered seating. Spring showers are a natural part of the season. Psssttt really a little rain won’t hurt you, you can always decide to enjoy the sprinkles from heaven. Or by building a gazebo, you can stay outdoors and enjoy the sound of the rain without getting wet. You can plant climbing vines to grown over a trellis as well to shade you from the sun or keep you dry.

2. Design a room with a view. When stormy days keep you inside, you can still keep your garden in sight. Meditate by a window where you get a good view of your yard. I am very lucky to have several windows that look out on to the yard; I have my pick of what to look at.

Making your meditation practice more pleasant will have long lasting impact into all areas of your life. The natural beauty of the outdoors, the sights and sounds that you are missing with your haggard busy lifestyle, and the inner peace that comes with meditating regularly with create amazing ripples of joy and happiness in your life.

Where is your favourite place to meditate?

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Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences about creating a more nurturing and fulfilling lifestyle. What is your Soul’s Purpose? Discover your soul purpose, follow your passion and change the world! Click Here.