I was having breakfast with a very dear friend; I shared with her a situation that happened recently.

I found myself in the middle of someone’s emotional drama and insults were coming at me like daggers. I was grateful this was in a private setting. At first, my logical mind kicked into gear and I began calmly stating facts that showed each situation to not be true… What was I thinking????

This situation did not call for logic. I quickly realized that to try and rationalize with someone who so clearly wanted to argue would never work. I centered myself to stand in peace through this storm. I decided that if I just stopped talking; looked straight at them and sent a message of peace, eventually they would hear them self and stop. It is very true; it’s hard to argue with someone who chooses to not argue.

To my surprise, the insults kept coming, I still did not engage. I felt extremely blessed in this experience. I realized at some point I was not really focused on the insults, as the only thing I could see was how peaceful I felt. I truly understand the feeling of being held in Grace. I was completely peaceful in the middle of the storm that was happening around me.

The situation was interrupted by a sad, heartbreaking message this person received. They shared the message with me and I could see the pain in their eyes. I stood up, walk to them and said, I understand this is very painful. I reached out my arms, hugged them and put very clear intention on send Love.

The situation was over and as I walked away I remember feeling very grateful for the lesson in compassion. I really didn’t know before that moment if I could truly stand in peace, in the middle of a storm, and reach out an arm for compassion to someone in need of Love who many would view as someone persecuting me.

Moving into a space of Spiritual Awareness is not academic; it’s the practical application of the information received through learning… It’s a daily practice. I am grateful for these events that bring my Soul up to the surface to say, “Have you learned the lesson yet? If not, it’s ok; try again… “

If I can leave you with one thought… Everything comes back to Love… People are always in one of two places; a Loving space or calling out for Love.

It’s easy to Love someone when they’re treating you in a Loving way…it’s harder when they are calling out for Love.

Walk In Peace,
Cheryl Piper-Snyder

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