People have been using weed tea to get relief from pain, nausea and inflammation. The THC content of cannabis makes it psychoactive. This is the reason why some people turn cannabis down. You don't want delayed reaction time or reduced motor function levels. However, you can get all the health benefits with CBD products like tea or edibles. After its legalization, it is easy to get CBD oil, edibles and other products online. Online sellers source high quality, organic weed from hemp farms in Colorado .

hemp flower or CBD oil

Order CBD online and let organic CBD tea eliminate sleeplessness due to pain from your life. We are going to share a recipe that you can easily make using regular cannabis with high CBD content. You can use rich hemp flower or CBD oil as a base of fusion. However, the best and easiest way is using CBD oil. In case you don't know how to make CBD oil, or you don't know “where to buy CBD oil”, you can use fresh, pure buds either from cannabis or hemp. You can shop hemp flowers for sale and CBD oil from an online seller. Just keep in mind that the seller gets organic products from local hemp farms in Colorado.

And, if you are using buds, you have to perform an extra step of decarboxylation before brewing. This extra step adds the therapeutic effects of buds into your weed tea.

Many consumers assume that THC requires activation to be effective. However, CBD also requires activation. You need an oven and some patience. You need the following for decarboxylation:

  • Cannabis or hemp flower: 1 gram

  • Weed grinder

  • Baking seed

  • Parchment paper


  • Preheat your oven to 163°C/ 325°F

  • Grab your grinder and grind up your herb.

  • Prepare a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

  • Sprinkle your grind on the lined baking pan.

  • Decaboxylate your hemp/cannabis by baking for 35 minutes in your oven.

CBD Tea Recipe

No doubt that edibles are great. However, hardly any recipe beats weed tea. Weed tea is fast and easy to put together. You can use different types of tea bags to personalize the flavor of your weed tea. This will make your tea interesting, effective, fun and enjoyable. Making weed tea requires:

  • CBD oil: 1 teaspoon (or decarboxylated flowers: 1 gram)

  • Tea bags of any flavor: 1

  • 1 mug

  • Boiling hot water: ½ cup

  • Flavor additives

  • 1 small teaspoon


  • Fill a tea bag with grind if you are using buds. It releases the THC in the hot boiled water.

  • Bring water to a rolling boil in a small pot.

  • Add in the oil after pouring boiling hot water over your tea bag.

  • If you are using bud grind, stir the tea bag for a few minutes before adding honey, cream, milk, sugar or any other flavoring.

  • Gently press the tea bag after removing it from the mug. Doing so releases the smell and aroma of the tea.

  • Now you can serve and enjoy your CBD tea.

Most importantly, use organic products sourced from hemp farms in Oregon.

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