With all the negativity of many worldly events surrounding us, one of the most common fears is fear of the future. People ask, “What will happen if......?”

When we ask ourselves, “What is the worst that can happen,” we have a tendency to make common mental errors. We may not only overestimate that a bad thing is going to happen, but also the consequences of that event.

Currently, there are many people who not only fear that they will catch the coronavirus, but fear that they will enter the hospital, end up on a respirator, and ultimately never return home. They are completely underestimating their ability to cope if they should become ill, but also not taking into account the healing power of God.

Having said that, human beings have a tendency, at the very least, to feel somewhat anxious as we tackle new situations, which may bring unknown consequences. The good news currently is that 98% or more of those being tested are showing that they are negative for coronavirus. The best news is that we have a God who is in control and whose power is way beyond our human limitations.

Having survived brain surgery and fibromyalgia, I definitely have testimony of the fact that God’s power is there to strengthen you in your weakness. (2Corinthians 12:9-10). Although we may not have any ability to change what is happening around us, it is great to know that we have a God who, according to Ephesians, “can do immeasurably more than we think or imagine.” We need to listen to the advice of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, who advises us “that he we will keep us in perfect peace... if we keep our minds focused on God.” (Isaiah 43).

The Serenity Prayer states....
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference!

While we may not be able to change worldly events, we can choose to put our faith in God and His ability to strengthen us even in the most difficult of situations. All glory and praise be to Him!

Author's Bio: 

Linda S. Plunkett, PhD, is the author of Supernatural Rescue: From Broken to Beautiful, a book written about her having undergone brain surgery after a tumor the size of a tennis ball was discovered growing in the frontal lobe of her brain. A licensed counselor, Linda offers private, one-on-one, online (video) counseling sessions at https://www.coachtheworld.com/en/lindaplunkett