In our excitement to stick to our resolutions and reach the goals we set for the year, we can sometimes become overwhelmed with trying to fulfill them all at once. This can lead to postponing our dreams and not being able to help to create positive change in the lives of those we love and serve.

To help you keep or enhance your momentum towards this year goals without shifting into overwhelm, here are 3 things that you can easily do to avoid mental congestion.

1. Write your one-year vision

If you haven’t already, write your 1 year vision. I find that this is a powerful practice that allows you to journey through the year using Habit 2 of Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits for Highly Effective People – Begin with the End in Mind.

Write a letter to yourself that begins something like this… Wow! It’s December 31, 2010 and what an amazing year it has been. Continue writing your vision having fulfilled all that you intend for this year. As you write your vision, write, live, and feel it from a place of joy, peace and accomplishment. Most of all write it as being DONE!

Write about the success of your book, how well it was received and how many lives you were able to touch with your message.

Write about how great it was to take a family vacation and how much everyone enjoyed themselves.

When you put your intentions out the universe, people, resources and opportunities will show up in support of your vision.

Read your vision aloud each morning as a part of your spiritual practice. I will discuss ways to deepen your visioning practice in future articles.

2. Find out how you are inspired and listen

One way to enhance your momentum or jumpstart your activity is to observe those moments when you are inspired and shift your activity to your most inspired moments. By working when you are most inspired you will be able to take inspired action instead of forcing yourself through resistance.

The key is to know when to stop moving through resistance and remembering to take action in those moments of inspiration.

For me, I am most inspired when I am in motion or in nature. This can be when I am walking on the beach, sitting in a park, exercising or driving my car. I have learned that this is when I am most open to receive. When are you most inspired? Take some time this week to be, observe, and receive.

3. Find out what your rhythm is and dance to it

Just like music, our life has a certain rhythm to it, a measured flow of movement. We move through life rhythmically and when we dance with the beat of our heart, we are much happier and get so much more done.

This rhythm applies to how we work as well. The ability to create our own work schedule can make our work seem like play. Applying the rhythm of your life to your work schedule instead of simply continuing your corporate schedule will allow you to work at times that are optimal for you. Do you get your best work done at 4 AM in the morning? Do you find that the best time for you to share your gifts with your clients is in the afternoon? Is a four-day work week better for you or do you prefer to relax and rejuvenate for one week each month and work the other three week?

I invite you to find your rhythm and dance to it!

Step into February with a vision for the year, inspired moments and dancing to the beat of your own drum!

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