True freedom is having the courage to look yourself in the eyes and ask the important questions, to touch your own heart and the ability to touch your own heart and be the recipient of self love. It takes courage to realize that you are only on the edge of your comfort zone and are now ready to step outside of it and into a new you. This is “knowing” that you are ready for More!

Like most of you, my last few weeks of the year were wrapped in gifts called release, love, growth and peace. If you have been asking yourself questions like, “What do I want to experience in 2010?” and “How do I want to change my life and grow my business this year?” I invite you to also consider asking yourself these questions as well.

1. What worked well for me in 2009? Instead of giving in to the temptation of completely starting over with the New Year. Be still and review the spiritual, lifestyle and business practices that worked really well for you. Expanding these areas may be a way to step into more while fueling your need for creativity.

2. What no longer works for me and what must I release? There are so many year end traditions that allow you to release what no longer works. This release is very freeing however it creates a vacuum that must be filled. So if you are releasing lack in your life be sure to state what you wish to experience in your life as well, such as abundance. Be specific.

3. Who must I be to create the life I want and receive it? When planning your year appreciate all of the ways you’ve grown and look at areas you want to expand so that you can create what you want in 2010. If you are seeking more balance in your life and you find that your calendar is already filled with “doing” and less “being” this is the perfect time to embrace peace, balance, time management and delegation.

4. What way of being do I want to embrace? How are you showing up this first week of 2010? Before you get busy with deciding what needs to be done and completing each task take some time to sit in quiet contemplation and decide how you show up for yourself this year. The great thing is you get to decide. This year I am embracing the ultimate joy of “being” as well as freedom and ease, what are you embracing?

As you enjoy the newness of this year take time for yourself and journal the answers to the above questions you may be amazed at what you have accomplished this past year and what your true desires are for the new year.

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