Think of your thesis as a ladder. There are many steps to climb before getting to the top. You do not fly or maneuver your way through the top, and if you do, the aftereffect is disastrous. If you are busy with one activity or another and can’t follow some of these critical steps, it better to get support on your thesis or dissertation than going over it like a hot soup.

Firstly, people want to know where your essay stands, and a straightforward thesis statement tells them so. If you are arguing for or against, it should be clearly stated instead of beating about the bush. Your work shouldn’t be a mere statement of fact, a question, or an opinion,

Simply put, your thesis tells your readers what you plan to argue and how you want to go about it. Since we know this now, let’s delve into some tips on constructing s thesis:

Analyze your primary sources

Your thesis emanates from a primary source, which could be a book, finding, or trend as the case may be. Most of the time, the ideas in your primary source could be shrouded in controversy or contradiction. You wouldn’t want to tow that line by making the same mistake in your work. Understand what the author of the book in your primary source wants to achieve so that you do not misconstrue your readers. Since your thesis is somewhat an extension of a primary source, you need to ensure that the flow of information is consistent. You can subscribe to dissertation and thesis coaching, where they’ll help you with success strategies to help you win at every step on the way.

Write down every idea that comes your way

Have you ever taken a brisk walk on the street and suddenly an idea pops in your head? Well, this practically happens to everyone. What happens when you do not take these ideas down either on a notepad or jotter? You tend to forget them because these ideas go as quickly as they come. As you get a thesis topic and are ready for the real business, it would help if you don’t take any idea for granted as it could be a killer point for your essay. Look for more tips to win the thesis then go to as it will give you useful suggestions on it.

Make room for a counterargument

Your thesis should not be a copy and paste of the primary source. It should be uniquely different and give readers something to look up to. You should not always agree with your source, and even if you do, slightly differ. If you agree to everything the primary author said in their work, why are you writing yours? You should adopt it as your thesis, and we know this is impossible. Counterarguments make your essay more enticing for people within and outside your field to read.

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