An extra marital affair is a blow to your face. But no matter how you deny it, it is a result of other unsolved issues in your relationship. If you want to save the marriage after an affair, you need to first decide if both of you are willing to do to it. If one party refuses, you can never mend a broken promise. However, if both are willing, things will not be as easy but at least you have the starting ground laid out. Here are the steps to fix your life after the infidelity. Keep in mind that at this point, you need to take each step one at a time. It may take awhile before going to the next step but do not rush, both of you need to pass through each one at a slow and steady pace.

Complete Honesty

The first step to save your marriage after an affair is to be honest with your partner. With all the painful secrets revealed, there is no point to be keeping any more secrets now. Be honest as much as you can. Keeping more information will only create holes in the foundation you are trying to build. At the same time, the other party can be vocal about their feelings on the infidelity. They can be emotional, cry and be angry. All of these are normal feelings. Deal with your emotion and release the heartaches. With complete transparency, you can be successful in saving your marriage after an affair. Although this step is the longest, take your time. It is not very easy to rebuild something that collapsed. Trying to hasten this process will lead to a weaker foundation. With feeble grounds, another big blow to your vow will definitely cause it to crumble.


After you have laid down everything on the table and shown all information needed, the next step is to compromise. Since you know the main reason of infidelity during the first step, you can now talk about the possible action you can take to mend the marriage after an affair. If one needs space, let them be. Allowing time to breathe will help them have a clear mind. Give in to the request of your partner. For the other party, try to be reasonable with your request, bear in mind that you are in step 2 because you want to save the marriage after an affair. You are not here to make things difficult for your partner nor punish them.

Take Action

On step 3, you need to take action with whatever both of you agreed upon. If you agreed to spend more time together, do it. It will help both of you to heal the marriage after an affair. Do what you promised. This time, take precautions not to fall again with your same mistakes. For the other partner, forgive and forget. Try not to bring back the old issues settled with new arguments. Although it may be difficult, it is possible if you are serious in fixing your marriage after an affair. For the second chance, your vow must have love, respect and trust as the foundation. Without these, the relationship will never work.

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