Affair relationships, can they last for good? If the relationship both of you have is formed because of leaving the other spouse behind, do not be rush to decide in leaving the original relationship in just a split of a moment; you need to take time to think of all the consequences of your planned action and outweigh the risk and benefits.

It's very tough to keep a relationship going if it has started off by both of you lying and cheating. For one thing you're both going to have a real problem trusting each other. I mean, you started a relationship because you lied and cheated, so it is so hard to put trust in the relationship when you know you are all cheaters. Even if the two of you can overcome that, there are still all the other issues to consider.

Think about your kids, are they greatly affected? This is by far the complex and the tough situation you will ever face in this situation. Of course, you do not want to cause pain to your children because of this issue, but you need to understand that your children (especially on their right age) will get mad at you for hurting and breaking their parent's heart; this will be a challenging process for you so you have to be very careful. More so, when no children involved, you still need to understand that your affair relationship is just like any other relationship, at start it's exciting, passionate and romantic, but can you really sustain such feeling?

The main reason of the feeling of freedom after leaving the other partner hanging is because there are no responsibilities attached for the time being. As time flies, you will see that you keep on portraying your roles as partner to the other, but there will come a point that you will get bored with the routine and it's making you lifeless, thus conflict will start to arise. Whatever it has on the normal relationship, it also has in yours and you have to realize in a realistic sense that the feeling of doing the same things over and over again can be felt and you both actually hate it. Your brand new 'soulmate' may not seem so brand new in five or ten years... just like your spouse.

Have you been fallen out of love to your spouse? this is one necessary question you need to deal with after all the facts you considered. If you can directly say that love is already gone, then there's no point of staying because in the long run, you will realize that you have done your ex a favor because the earlier you do it, the lesser the pain. If the time comes that you parted ways, it is best to keep the real reason of separation from yourself; do not mind telling your partner that you are in love with someone. That is one ultimate secret to be kept within yourself. Just tell your spouse that it's really over and just be kind and gentle as possible.

It is believed that most of the affair relationships never seemed to last, yet when two parties involved are sure of their feelings to each other despite they met on the wrong road, they can go on with it just make the past relationship is done and it's finally over. Just keep the fact that you've been together while you were still married to other people, between the two of you and no need to cause unnecessary pain.

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