The first book that I read on self development was a by Louise L Hay and, shortly after I had read one of her books, I end up reading another. I bought the first book in a spiritual shop in Australia and the second book at a book shop in England.

After I had finished this book, I read a few books on Buddhism. This was a time in my life when I would regularly go to book shops to see what they had, whereas nowadays I usually go online.

One Area

I soon came to the point where I felt that it was time for me to move on from this, and this was when I started to read books on success, achievement and the mind. It wasn’t long before I came across information that spoke about how our thoughts create our reality.

This was something that took place around 2005, and as I felt completely powerless this was something that appealed to me. I started to imagine what my life would be like if I actually had the power to change it.

Two Parts

And as I was amazed by the information that I had found, I wanted to share what I had learnt with my family. The first book that I read on this subject was The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

I thought that they would be happy to hear about what I had learnt, but I was sadly mistaken. If anything, it was as though I was trying to harm them in some way as they were not happy to hear about what I had learnt.

The Next Part

A little while after I had read this book, I came across someone called Dr Robert Anthony. I purchased a CD program that he had created, and I use to listen to it on my way to college and back.

A few months after this, I started to listen to an interview series with Barry Goss, and it was during this time that I came across someone who blew my mind. His name was Dov baron, and this guy seemed to know everything about the mind and how manifestation worked.

The Real Deal

He was born in northern England but he had travelled all over, so he had a unique accent. What I appreciated about his guy was that he was all about the information; there was no fluff.

I wanted to learn as much as I could from him and I ended up buying a book that he wrote called The Secret Beyond The Law Of Attraction. This meant that I had more information to share with my family.

An Unconscious Environment

If I ever spoke about this stuff, I would often end up being told to “stop preaching”. Consequently, I ended up feeling ashamed of what I had to talk about and it wasn’t long before I rarely spoke about what I had learnt.

Deep down I just wanted them to see that things didn’t just happen and that they could change their life. Both of my parents were under a lot of stress and there was a lot of drama in my house, but they were not interesting in doing anything about it.

An Important Lesson

Fortunately, I soon met someone called Brian at college, and this was someone who was only too happy to hear about what I had to say. At the time, this wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it allowed me to realise something.

What I came to see was that it wasn’t up to me to ‘wake’ anyone up or to ‘save the world’. The only thing that I could do was to continue to study and then to share what I had learnt with people who wanted to listen, and fortunately this became a lot easier when I started writing articles.


I had to look into why I felt the need to share my views and what I wanted to achieve by doing so. It was clear that my parents, as well as others, were on a very differently path and this was something that I had to accept.

I wasn’t completely on board with this, but I didn’t have much choice. The only thing that I could do was to focus on my own development and talk about what I had learnt at the right moment.

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