Mediocrity has become satisfactory. Excellence has become obsolete. In our society today, to be
excellent only takes going beyond what others are currently doing. Becoming excellent in both business
and life will take focus, confidence, and paying careful attention and putting energy into expanding
what is possible for you, your business, and those around you. Take stock of these ways to create
excellence and see things begin to soar.

1. Cycle of Giving
To give is to gain, truly. Many people have begun to take on the ideas of the Law of Attraction. When we give you allow for the opportunity of other things to come into our Life. Fill a glass of water to the rim and have someone ask if you want anymore. You might, but there is no room for more. Suppose there was someone who needed the water you could empty yours into their cup and still receive what you need while providing them what they need as well.

2. Focus on Insights
At first glance some of our ideas or insights present as just that, another idea or insight. When we toss those things aside sometimes we overlook a remarkable opportunity. Consider that what you think of may become a staple of your business and solve some problem for you. Your idea maybe the one thing that sets you apart, gets you notice in a sea of marketing ideas. A gift card designed especially for you, free shipping with a handwritten note, or something that represents your business brand exclusively.

3. Re-Groove!
Nothing stays the same. There really is a time for every purpose under heaven. How do you respond to the changes? When there is chaos or a lull in business, what do you do? Are you the brick or clay? Can you develop new skills, behaviors, attitudes or views? To be successful as a leader learning to be adaptable and work in the environment that is produced and still meet expectations consistently will re-groove your business and Life. Re-Grooving may lead to another level of creativity, team, expression, and commitment. It just might be the shot in the arm that is needed.

4. State of Mind
Create your Life and business as a State of Mind. Let you business products create an experience. They make a statement about the consumer and your business. A State of Mind builds on creating a brand. If you are inspired by your Life, business, and those things going on with you then it will show and create the State of Mind for your brand. Live your State of Mind. Create it, everyday.

5. Master Your Resources.
Take stock of your resources, people and finances. What do you have? In our Lives there are many resources in the people we know, both personally and professionally. Find out who the people you know are in conversation with regularly. People have resource that can assist you and you have the same opportunity to provide resources for others. It really is who you know and who they know.

6. Be the Same but Different!
When we take on being successful we often look at those who have done it and attempt to use a cookie cutter approach to building success. On the face of it that makes sense, yet if you do what they did what makes you different. Conventional wisdom can squelch your creativity. Take the basic ideas of success and make them your own in your industry. Baking cookies was not new, but when America got a look at Great American Cookie Company’s cookie cakes, that was different. Ben and Jerry’s simply make ice cream, but different. They make it an adventure. Use your uniqueness to throw “status quo” out of the window and blaze your own trail.

7. Best and the Brightest Only.
If you are a business owner with employees, be the place with the cream of the crop. Remember that you may not have the cream at the beginning, yet you can be the one to cultivate that type of environment. Encourage creativity, intellect, openness, and be a part of the lives of your employees and the Best and The Brightest will begin to shine.

8. Showcase Your Values.
Build your Life and business around your values. Live your Life daily from your values and you will inspire success in yourself and others. People gravitate to successful people who show their values in their business as well. Love without constraints and Live without regrets. Showcase our values.

9. Become a Center of Influence.
Become a place where influence lives. Look at who you are associated with regularly. Are they influential people in their field? Can you help them build heir Life or business? This all applies to your Life as well. If where you are is where you want to be, then this does not apply to you. Yet, if you desire to raise the bar on your Life assess your associations, raise the bar, and be prepared to assist others in their endeavors. Attract the best of the best in friends, business associates, and intimate relationships.

10. Just Do It.
Start wherever you are, there is no “right place”. Be unstoppable and unreasonable. Give up listening to what you think might happen, that will only hold you back. You can create what you want and you do. Look at what you have and what you want. What have you created for yourself? When will today be the day?

Satisfaction comes from having completed something in such a way that it is successful, in your eyes.
Winston Churchill said, “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to
success when they gave up.” Failure occurs when we do not see the plans through to the end.
Success strategies are a way to keep you going to the end of the road of success, implement them
consistently and create an atmosphere of excellence for yourself, your business, and your family.

Author's Bio: 

Sidney Gaskins is a trained coach, consultant, grief and pre-marital/marital counselor. She has worked with Atlanta Public Schools, Fulton County Schools, Sunny Delight employees, and many professionals in creating productivity both in their organizations and personal lives. She is adept at strategic planning and development, increased productivity, expanded opportunities, and effective communication for both business and life. Her impact has come through facilitation, workshops, presentations, and one-on-one sessions with individuals, families, employees, business owners, and executives. Sidney has a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Urban Studies, and is currently earning an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling.