Your garage gives you enough space to store items that you cannot place anywhere else in the house. The first step will be to sort your belongings and discard things you no longer need. Then you can start organizing your garage space accordingly, to make room for everything you want to store in that place.

- Sort each item, make separate storage spaces for your electrical equipment, lawn maintenance and other garden tools, and any sports equipment you need to store. Designating specific places for items will help you easily locate them when you need them. Anything you need to use every day should be kept in a place where you can easily reach them,

- Store different seasonal items separately. For example, if winter is approaching, group items like snow shovels, ice scrapers, skis, snow boots and the like, and keep them in an easily accessible place. These should not be mixed with items you need in the summer, such as umbrellas and grills. You may want to build a tall cabinet to put all of these items in one place.

Hooks and shelves are the key to solving your garage organization problem. A wide range of hooks and hooks are available on the market and help you get almost everything off the ground. Don't go strictly by name. "Ladder hooks" can be used to hang much more than just ladders. "Beam Hooks" can be used to hold extension cords instead of being attached to the beam. Look at the size and shape of the hooks and try to visualize what items it may contain.

- Items that cannot be hung on hooks must be filed. The installation of shelves, particularly the shelves of the standard support system is simple. You can hire a professional carpenter to help you with this job.

- Don't over-stack your garage, leave room for your car and enough headroom to maneuver while driving in and out of the garage. Make sure your garage organization work doesn't invade the space passengers need to get in and out of the car comfortably.

Organizing or even reflecting on garage organization is often a maddening task for almost all homeowners. However, the sooner you organize it, the better you will take advantage of that place.

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