Each one of us goes through stress. Whether it is a one-time activity or regular work, stress has become a part of most of our lives. There are many types of stress- some that you experience at work, your partners, or even parents and kids. You may be experiencing stress managing your finances, health, or running your house.
Stress can make you freak out. It can cause anxiety, depression and even breakdown.
According to Richard Lazarous, “our resulting experience of stress is directly related to our skills in coping with the stressor.”
For instance, if you have 5 meetings back-to-back at office, and you are thinking you don’t enough time to do it, you will most evidently feel stressed. However, if you believe you got the skills to handle, obviously your stress level would be less.
So, the million dollar question is- how can you reduce the stress levels? Check these three points and you could actually bring your stress levels down:
Work on specifics, not generalities
People who usually get depressed have a tendency to remember things as vague and in general terms instead of specific descriptions. For instance, rather than feeling or thinking, “ I have tons of work to do”, get down to breaking into specifics like- “I have ten pages to write, or 4 blogs of 300 words to finish.” The advantage of breaking down the activities is it seems workable.
Work on breaking into small parts
There is this very unique concept called ‘chunking’ that can come of immense help in releasing stress at work. For instance if you have 10 papers to write, you could think of writing down in a small note book which one you will write first and which one will follow.
You could also micro break into it into further of taking one paper and making important pointers of the paper you will write. If you sit with this chunking sheet and start working on one paper after another, you’ll find your task getting done.
Focus on your task
If you have finished chunking, and you are on a task, focus on it completely. Don’t hover around other things even in your mind, while you are at it. The best way is to finish all your extra activities before you sit to finish this task. Proper focus can get you into completing the task even before you imagined. Once one task is done, you will see some level of stress gone.

Stress is entirely a condition we develop for ourselves. Stress is a demon that takes focus out of your work, it makes you fear your capabilities and then eventually procrastinate. Once you have learnt how to tackle stress, you will see your level of productivity rising tremendously.

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