For an athlete there is nothing so bad to sit on the side on the couch because of an injury. Sometimes you cannot help it, for example because of rough play, one wrong move or a weird fall. But you can do a lot yourself to make the chance of an injury as small as possible. Also the weather can play a major role in the development of sports injuries. Because the temperature is too low, your muscles cool down too quickly during a small break in a race. Low temperatures can even lead to hypothermia or frostbite. In addition, rain or frost can cause slippery surfaces, allowing you to slip or trip.

Do not start to run immediately, but instead start with slow jogging. From here, slowly build up speed. The ideal speed for a daily run, you can easily identify. If you are running with someone and you can talk in full sentences, it’s a good pace. If you are alone, try to sing along with a number of your iPod without having to gasp for air.

Why do we have to warm up before each work out?

When our muscles are doing all the hard work during running or other exercises like biceps workouts, lactate is produced faster than the ability of the tissues to remove it, so that is why the concentration of lactates begins to rise. It needs to be transported out of the muscles. The reason for a warming up is that the blood circulation is initiated so that enough oxygen can be transported to your muscles. If you do not have a warming up first, there will be a buildup of lactate in the muscles. This is because your muscles are not getting enough oxygen into first "oxygen supply" made in your muscles.

You can also get more muscle pain because your muscles produce waste products and are not removed fats enough if your blood circulation is not good enough. In addition, it’s better for your heart that it doesn’t have to go suddenly from 60 to 150 beats per minute.

Stretching before a workout

Why do muscles have to be stretched before a work out? It’s very important for your muscles to stretch them because they have a certain rest position. If it they are used for example a sudden sprinting or jumping, muscle tears may occur. The stretching makes your muscles (the long muscle cells) to an antagonistic movement (other than when it tightens). This will make the blood flow better through the muscles. A simple example: If you have to blow into a balloon and it won’t fill even though you are blowing as hard as you can, stretch it first and you can easily blow it. So get the muscles out of their resting position.

Cooling down
And why do muscle shave to cool down? Well, in addition, a cooling down is very good for the body because the muscles can slowly get in their standard resting position. Also the amount of lactate and other waste products are transported out of the muscles faster.

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