The law of attraction is a very powerful thing if you use it correctly. You can manifest anything you desire into your life. Using the law of attraction may feel like being a programmer, but rather than writing a computer program, you are writing out your life.

But to master the law of attraction and make it work at your will, you need to really want it, and you need to dedicate a lot of time into practice. A lot of people try using the law of attraction to create their perfect life, they have some success, but they are no where near where they want to be and are always left desiring more.

Why people are not successfully using LOA?

They are left with desiring a better career or more money; they are left with fantasizing of a perfect relationship or longing for better health. They are left with a need they just can’t fill without help.

One of the reasons they are not completely successful is because they often think negative thoughts and counteract their previous efforts. No matter how much they try they just can’t rid themselves of doubt and uncertainty, something which will set back any follower of the law of attraction philosophy.

Can Subliminal Messages Help?

Subliminal messages can help you pass that hurdle. If you truly wish to master the law of attraction and to make it work on your every whim, recorded subliminal audio messages may just be the thing you are looking for. But please note that they are not an instant solution. They will not work unless you put your full effort into making the law of attraction work for you.

How to use Subliminal Audio?

Making subliminal audio with recorded positive messages work for LoA can be done by listening to recordings as long as you are at a place where you can relax and commit to listening to them with no outside distractions.
For example it is highly advised you do not listen to the mp3s in your car while you are driving.

The subliminals work because they trick your conscious mind, the one with the voice telling you that you will fail, and communicate directly with the subconscious feeding it with positive affirmations which will rewire your thinking patterns to the exact state you wanted them to be all along.

The recordings can help you make it twice as likely to succeed by eliminating negativity from your thoughts by rewiring your mind to grant you full confidence and focus on your goals, whether they are aimed at making more money, having better relationships, advancing in your career or attracting better health.

But you have to note that they are not a magic cure and they will only aid you on your journey to master the law of attraction if you truly desire it and work towards that goal.

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