Success Is Your Right, Claim It!

By: Paulet Biedermann
One of the most prominent misconceptions about getting ahead and becoming successful is that success is not for all, but for a selected few. This utter nonsense is a widely held believe that in itself is oppressive and one of the biggest barriers to success. Let’s face it; you are the master of your destination. Success and ultimate happiness are yours and when you own it, take charge of it; it evolves in your favor. The opposite is true, when you relinquish your self governing authority to others, then you actually start your stagnation process leading to your ultimate demise. Inevitably you will evolve into an unfulfilled person whose life is marred by mediocrity, an inability to realize optimum potential and overall the equivalent of a mere existence. Sounds gloomy? It is very gloomy.

This does not have to be. As outlined in my book, "Your Best You", becoming familiar with some of the basic contributing factors to success can get you started on your new journey; the one that will lead to success and happiness. The book assists you to objectively evaluate and analyze where you are in your live today versus where you would like to be. Some of the important influences that shaped our lives such as media, family of origin, self esteem (or lacking thereof), religion, personality, community, poverty, neglect and abuse are identified and explored in the book.

You learn how you evolved into the person you are today. Suggestions and guidance are readily available to you to set your stage for success. Some techniques and strategies that can be used to set realistic and attainable goals are also made available to you. The book also outlines healthy and proven habits of some of the most successful people. Suggestions to identify and intercept maladaptive patterns such as negative coping strategies, maladaptive relationships, positive influences and healthy self esteem are found throughout the book.

 It’s an undeniable fascination to understand how people really think in terms of success. Myths about success are not only rampant; but are sometimes very challenging to eradicate. Yet, in order to help an individual to take charge of his or her life and attain success, the old slate must be wiped clean and the vision of your new you replaces the old.

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Author's Bio: 

A published author,Philanthropist,motivational speaker, program developer and trainer, personal development advisor, Biedermann is one of North America's most highly respected self-empowerment experts. What sets her apart from the rest is the fact that she has formal training and extended practical experience in the helping profession. She is devoted to the mission of helping individuals and especially women and youths to realize their full potential. This former psychotherapist and counselor spent many years teaching, guiding and training clients on attaining success . She works relentlessly to assist the masses, not only in a gainful employment capacity, but has volunteered in some thirty plus organizations over the years. A strong advocate, she is often considered to be the voice of the disadvantaged and marginalized whose voices are often not heard.

This award winning and benevolent humanitarian, works tirelessly in her quest to help others. She has utilized her skills to help individuals to become more self-confident, more self-aware and more self-reliant. Her mandate is simply to guide individuals to a more fulfilling and rewarding professional and personal life. She possesses an uncanny knack for guiding and motivating others to achieve extraordinary results. She not only energizes and motivates, but incites a kind of passion and enthusiasm that are necessary tools for successful self mastery, self management and ultimately success.