Today world humanity faces many problems both individually and universally. Hence there is worry, fear, stress and tension in everyone’s mind since they are not sure how and when these problems are going to be solved. No doubt small scale solutions are being made use of but because their effect is only temporary the overall picture remains grim and dicey.

We must all understand that the root cause of all these hardships and strife is singular in nature and hence their solution too is one. If a thorn pierces our skin and causes pain then the solution for overcoming this pain is removal of the thorn. And how does one remove this thorn? The answer is simply by using another thorn! Similarly the root cause of man’s misery is his tainted, selfish and egoistic mind. World peace and prosperity can never set in on an eternal basis unless and until each individual psyche of world humanity without exception undergoes a positive transformation. This would involve giving up of lowly and selfish thinking and replacing them totally with purity of heart, integrity, sense of service to world beings and imbibing spiritual values.

Gayatri is a symbol of sheer purity (Satvika). If you are a true Gayatri devotee your goal will be to imbibe purity of mind and righteousness in your daily living. Gayatri devotion means adhering to those spiritual practices that not only sow the seeds of pure thinking but also weeds out unwholesome qualities so that desirable ones like integrity, human/spiritual values, humility etc bloom forth on an eternal footing. The meaning of surrendering to Gayatri is to rest ones intellect in the lap of divine purity. Thus man’s thinking, mental qualities, character and activity will become sacred and divine. When man imbibes divinity deep down in the cave of his soul he enters a state wherein either problems/hardships get solved or that they remain externally but can never affect the fount of divine bliss he now enjoys on an eternal basis. Now let us join hands and analyze the main problems faced by world humanity and understand deeply how Gayatri represented by a taintless, divine intellect helps overcome them from their very roots.

1) The possibility of a world war is looming large. One cannot say when it may commence with a bang and that an atom bomb shatters our planet to ash. These wars are based on greed for enlarging ones empire. If only each nation of the world gives up its unwholesome desire of bossing over other nations, give up the attitude of oppressing others for their selfish gains and instead remain steadfast on the path of justice for all there would be no room for any war to manifest.

If only in today’s International Politics ‘justice’ as depicted in Gayatri literature is imbibed fully all time, energy and finances used for war preparations can be diverted for constructive and creative purposes in all corners of the world. Thus basic requirements can be given to all strata of society including those languishing in dire poverty in every nook and corner of the world. Further no war means a great possibility of strengthening of ties between every country which will lead to cooperation for both material and spiritual advancement of world beings. But because the world is apprehensive of a world war setting in people are living in terror and fright. Thus it is clear that this terror can never be overcome merely via diplomacy and other political solutions. These will have to take recourse to spiritual values as their basis found in Gayatri meditation and devotion.

2) Apart from the fear of a possible world war the next major problem is that of insufficient food grains available in the world. Barring a few exceptions almost all other nations face paucity of food grains. Irrigation, chemical fertilizers, scientific agro technology etc have been made more advanced to increase food grain production. Maybe some temporary solutions have been found and yet the need of the hour is a long term and permanent solution. This is because the world’s population is increasing alarmingly and we do not have enough means to balance it optimally. Specialists of this field opine that even if all the land available in the world is used for scientific agriculture yet food grains produced as a result can last only for the next 40 years. Hence after this the problem of hunger would come back to square one all over the world.

The problem of hunger can be solved only in one way and that is population control. All great intellectuals of the world agree that birth rates need to be controlled drastically. Hence techniques like abortions, male/female sterilization, birth control pills etc are being made use of and yet know for sure that in the long run this will give dire results. Lack of ethical thinking and undesirable sexual behavior will destroy whatever little good health is seen today. The best way to control child birth rate is Brahmacharya or sexual continence that has a spiritual basis. This is where Gayatri principles come handy. They say that a man should renounce a lewd and lustful attitude towards women and instead respect them as manifestations of divinity. Thus population can be controlled optimally, food problems will be solved satisfactorily and the bodily and mental health of world humanity will wax like the full moon. If mature and high stature individuals imbibe Gayatri’s weekly fast know for sure that the food paucity problem will disappear in a jiffy and that no country will have to import food grains anymore.

3) The third major widespread problem is that of corruption and lack of ethics. Crime, looting, distrust, selfishness, arrogance, sadism, irresponsibility etc are on the rise alarmingly. It is found in all strata of society like government workers, businessmen, so called religious leaders, laborers, bosses etc. Their minds are so tainted that the layman lives in total distrust, discontent and apprehension.

The above undesirable state of society cannot be fully overcome merely by the judiciary system, police department, army, government etc. Meaning externally the situation can be controlled but if the psyche of world humanity is not purified and made focused the desired transformation of the world from its very foundation cannot be achieved. Thus if only our mind and intellect is made sacred will our sense of integrity, inner voice of God, sense of service to the world, cosmic love, selflessness etc awaken which in turn will inspire us all to walk on the path of ethics, human values etc in our professional, social etc lives. It is only then that these times of turmoil and strife perceived in all corners of the globe shall be destroyed from their very roots. This transformation can be attained via the scientific spiritual ideology of Gayatri if imbibed truly and deeply by one and all.

Today all world denizens experience sorrow in one form or another simply because their psyche insists on foolishly encouraging sinning, untoward behavior, vile activities and a tainted intellect. But if the roots of sins are cut asunder ethical behavior will get a great fillip and thus agony due to bodily diseases, natural calamities etc will be rooted out hook line and sinker. The seeds of chaos, strife and turbulence sprout only in an atmosphere of selfishness and narrow thinking. Thus if selfishness is replaced with a sense of cosmic oneness with the world (as per spiritual tenets) love for the world will ooze in the psyche of world beings and thus there would be no room for turbulence, stress and tension that prevails today the world over.

4) A tainted or lowly intellect is one that foolishly encourages delusion, spiritual ignorance or blindness, blind traditional beliefs, lack of farsighted thinking and selfishness. Even so called literate and wily people are ensnared by this tainted brain. With the result they are time and again subjected to tension and stress in their day to day lives. In today’s trying times remaining childless should be looked upon as a boon and yet people fail to accept it as a boon of Almighty God. People are sad that they do not have enough wealth to amass wealth, name and fame by unethical and illegal means. They show sorrow when a kin dies in such a manner as though it is something bizarre. People call themselves ‘wise’ even if they foolishly believe that amassing wealth by means fair or foul is the be all and end all of life. Their lives center around the vain attitude of eat, drink and be merry and do not spare even a moment as to what is the true goal of life. So called fashion trends and foolish expenses rule the roost. Is there a world beyond this material cosmos that can give eternal and ceaseless bliss? Such questions never arise in their egoistic self centered psyches. With the result they foolishly spend this precious human life in transient pleasures, fashion, addictions (drugs, alcohol etc) and yet label themselves as ‘wise’.

When a pure and focused intellect represented by Gayatri enters a devotee’s mind/intellect the latter renounces delusion and blind beliefs. Instead this sacred psyche deeply thinks about all aspect of living (social, economical, professional etc) and thus destroys sorrow, worries and fear from their very roots. Gayatri’s sacred thinking removes all illusory notions of the mind and replaces it with straightforward behavior, tranquility, contentment and bliss on an eternal and pause less footing.

5) In all families the world over diseases and weakness wreak havoc. The root cause of this is lack of control over ones eating and resting habits. Animals and birds adhere to nature’s laws implicitly and hence on an average maintain a healthy disease free body. Man on the other hand arrogantly flouts nature’s laws and thus is prone to illnesses again and again. His body weakens considerably as a result and ultimately enters the jaws of death.

Gayatri Mantra inspires its devotees to control their food and sleeping habits and lays great stress on adhering to nature’s laws. Majority of diseases can be overcome if our life revolves around sacred thinking/activity and simplicity.

Our psyche’s health deteriorates considerably when it allows mental diseases like irritation, lethargy, carelessness, stinginess, bombastic attitude, insulting speech, worry, wrath etc to grow like unwanted weeds in our character. This inner diseased condition manifests as sorrow and agony in ones day to day life. Gayatri transforms our diseased psyche into a pure and focused one. Thus when wholesome qualities bloom forth our material and spiritual lives flourish in full strength.

6) Inner weakness is such an individual lack, that despite man wanting to act in a befitting manner, his psychic taints obstruct him forcefully from doing so. The total advancement of the human principle is dependent on those precepts which are not in our frail human hands. We have to accept that since these principles exist in the subtle body (and not gross) destiny or God based on certain special qualities have made us what we are. Gayatri based spiritual exercises enter that part of our subtle body where the key that can change our otherwise irrevocable destiny is made available for our apt use.

Gayatri devotion, meditation and worship awakens certain secret energy centers, Chakras, plexuses, subtle nerves, Naadis and glands of the human body. Thus divine powers start manifesting on their own in great measure. Precious benefits like sharpness of intellect, good bodily health, friendship with pure hearted people, professional success, wholesome fame, blissful family life, pious children, lack of foes etc manifest in ones life. The reason being, that once our soul force and will-power become strong, divine powers bloom forth in our psyche and these in turn augment our pious qualities, activities and ethical attitude. Thus all subtle obstructions are overcome that so far did not allow our material and spiritual lives to prosper.

No doubt any government in power should ensure that citizens of those countries do not lead lives of stress and hardship. And yet governments need to go beyond the external lives of people and ensure that the inner character and minds of people are made healthy and wholesome. Citizens are like statues and governments their shadow. Governments must ensure that the character of each citizen is made taintless/sacred by encouraging their psyches to imbibe integrity, humility, sense of world well being etc. In this manner problems related to the international, national, social, economical, bodily and mental fronts can be solved optimally and satisfactorily. Mere changes in ones country’s laws or voting of governments cannot transform a country and the world simply because the problem is lack of ethical and wholesome thinking which needs to be weeded out totally.

All those problems faced by mankind and have so far not been solved can be overcome from their very foundations if only man imbibes a sacred focused intellect via Gayatri spiritual practices.

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