All that consumes your thoughts when you are surviving an affair is how to get over this roadblock and how to save your relationship with your partner or spouse. Losing the one you love the most in the world is the most devastating event that can happen in a person life. When you are surviving an affair you feel that your world is crumbling around you and you don’t know how to fix this but you know that you need to learn how to put the pieces back together.

Figuring out how this process of surviving an affair really works can be a challenge especially when you don’t know what to to next and this is probably your case too. First of all you must know what to expect next in your relationship so you can prepare yourself for surviving an affair.

The 5 Most Common Questions You Will Struggle With When Surviving An Affair:

Shockwave nr. 1: “How could the affair happen?”
The first question when you are surviving an affair is: How did it happen and what were the events that lead to cheating? This question is very important because it will make you think about the reasons why the affair took place and how to start surviving an affair.

Shockwave nr. 2: “For how long this affair is been going on without me knowing it?”
Surviving an affair is hard and you don’t need more negative thoughts right now. People often ask this question because they feel like they been played like “suckers” and blind for not seeing that their partners were having affairs. You don’t need to feel like that because trusting your partner is normal and now when you are surviving an affair you shouldn’t criticize yourself for not being able to see it coming.

Shockwave nr.3: “How many people beside me know about the affair?”
After you found out about your partner’s infidelity and you are surviving an affair you may be in the situation where you want to know if your friends or family did know about the affair and didn’t tell you about it. For now knowing who else knew about it is not very good for your healing process and try to keep in mind that what is going on is just between you and your partner not your friends. Wait to hear what your friends has to say before you make any judgement.

Shockwave nr. 4: “How could my love do this to me?”
Surviving an affair is all about understanding why everything has happen in the first place and accepting the fact that both of the partners can be responsible for this. If you are just starting surviving an affair is better to leave this kind of questions for later and try to work more on yourself and your feelings.

Shockwave nr. 5: “How can I trust my partner again?”
This question is very reasonable when you are surviving an affair. Once the person who you trust the most betrays you it might seem that you will never be able to trust your partner ever again. The truth is that once you have decided to work on your relationship and put some efforts in doing this, the trust can be regain in time no matter if you haven’t finished the process of surviving an affair.

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Even if you are still together trying to survive the affair and having problems or you have decided to stay separated but you want to rebuild your relationship... the next step for surviving an affair is absolutely crucial!

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