You and your spouse are willing to save your marriage and try surviving an affair but your communication skills are not very good. Here are 4 ways for you to apply to both nonverbal and verbal communication.

Guidelines to communication for surviving an affair

1. Be open in your relationship. One common example is when someone is calling you and you usually go outside of the house or the room so you can take that call. When you are surviving an affair this action can be interpreted wrong by your partner and next time you have to use your phone do it sitting right where you are and talk in the presence of your spouse.

2. Be honest with your spouse. You can back up your words by doing the things you are saying and show that you are a trustful person. For example, if you are saying that you really want to save your marriage and make all the efforts for surviving an affair then you should do exactly what you are saying and that way you will express your honesty in a nonverbal way. Plan and spend more time together with your spouse for regaining the lost feelings.

3. Try to become more respectful. Being respectful means that you care about your spouse needs. Here are some examples of negative nonverbal communication: turning your back to your partner when she or he is trying to speak to you, rolling your eyes when you talk to your spouse or making demeaning sounds. Show respect and you will be respected, this a powerful way for surviving an affair.

4. Be more consistent. Maintaining this nonverbal way of communication strong can be done simply by doing the actions that you said you will do for surviving an affair and doing them over and over again. One good example is when your spouse is trying to have a serious conversation with you, you should put your hand on him or her and with full eye contact try to be a good listener and show your spouse that you care. Using this nonverbal way of communication, your spouse will see that you really are engaged in saving your marriage.

Both the victim and the cheater should follow these guidelines when they are surviving an affair. Share your feelings with your spouse and work together for rebuilding the trust in your relationship.

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