Thoughtful sympathy inspirational gifts combine spiritual support with encouragement in times of grief. They place an emphasis on celebrating the life of the deceased and challenge us to move on to honor our loved ones with courage and hope.

In times of grief, it is important to balance support and comfort with hope and encouragement. What constitutes inspiration will vary with the individual and takes into consideration the person’s world view and value system.

Hope and encouragement must be tempered and gentle so as not to seem insensitive to the pain and depression that the grieving person is surely experiencing.

Deep grief can be overwhelming. The grieving person needs something to hold on to as he/she navigates the rough and cold waters of loss. Too heavy a focus on “the good that can be found” in the experience dismisses the depth of feeling and may be offensive to the griever.

Gently offering hope through honoring the loved one who has passed on may take on a number of different appearances.

Inspiration for Christians

The timeless words of the Bible are the foundation for hope in the hearts of Christian believers. There are endless options for Bible verses that communicate hope, faith and the ever present love of God.

Scripture verses can be found in small grief books, or incorporated in poems, cards or music selections. Some selections are generic enough so as to be appropriate for any griever, while some speak more clearly of Christian faith and world view.

Just as some music, while they may be especially meaningful to Christians, can also be comforting to those who do not necessarily espouse Christian belief. The tone of the music you choose will reflect your own beliefs and values, but definitely must take into account the beliefs of the recipient.

Generally Accepted Inspirational Expressions

Many have written inspirational words for people of all faiths and backgrounds. One need only to do an internet search for the specific message desired, to generate countless creations to choose from.

Most often there is a reference to a higher power, or to the universally accepted values of love and compassion.

There are books, musical selections, and a myriad of sympathy inspirational gifts available. These include candles, plaques or memory boxes with inscriptions. Many incorporate symbolic flowers such as lilies, and concepts of rainbows and butterflies to name a few.

Inspiration is also generated with colors, fragrances and items that give physical tactile comfort. Soft fleecy stuffed animals are an ideal example, and other ideas include warm comfy scarves, lap robes, or wraps.

Many of these items can be hand-made and become treasured mementos not only of the departed loved one, but as a token of the loving hands that created them.

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Karen Grisham is the editor of with a professional practice in Mental Health Nursing for 15 years. These sympathy inspirational gifts reflect sensitivity to the needs of grievers.