Synthetic drugs: more popular than ever

In the last few years,“designer drugs” have been the main cause of drug addiction in the United States. Many young people falling victims to these “new drugs” that have been plaguing our neighborhoods. Just like the crack epidemic of the 80’s, there has been a rapid incline of designer drugs in the street since the turn of the 21st century. Although many young people have fallen into using these drugs, it does not discriminate. Anybody is vulnerable to becoming addicted.The name say’s it all, “designer drugs” which is a combination of substances, created to mimic the original drug. Some of these substances have been tried and tested, often co opted for illicit use. These very potent drugs have a dosage which is often overlooked or unknown to the dealers, making them even more dangerous. Designer drugs are popular because since their make-up is a combination of substances to mimic a certain drug, they are often considered “grey market goods”. Which can be bought and sold easier than a particular drug that has been determined illegal. That is the biggest danger of these designer drugs, that very little is known about the substances used to make them. When people ingest these drugs, they don’t know what they’re putting in their bodies. Within the designer drug umbrella, we have the synthetic drugs. These synthetic drugs are made in laboratories, they are not extracted from bacteria, plants or animals. They are synthesized to create a substance that is identical to natural compounds.

synthetic cathinone named alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone (Alpha-PVP)

Also known as:

Flakka aka Gravel

Flakka has made a name for itself all over the country. There have been instances where people record others who are on this extremely dangerous drug. During the high, a person on Flakka is often in a delirious state of mind, usually pacing and speaking unclearly. It is common for them to remove their clothing and act impulsively.

Flakka’s main component is an amphetamine like stimulant called cathinones, which is extracted from the khat plant that grows in the Middle East and Somalia. Most of the natives chew on the plant in hopes of a euphoric buzz. I am sure the natives know how to handle this plant that they are familiar with and can probably achieve a buzz that does not make them lose control. When the cathinones are combined with unknown substances, they create a cocktail for disaster

What are the effects of Flakka on the Body and Brain?
Flakka is a synthetic form of an amphetamine like stimulant which causes the body temperature to rise. That is why most people on Flakka remove their clothing because they experience an unbearable heat while they are on it. Those who try Flakka act erratic and impulsive, sometimes exhibiting a rush of adrenaline, which in some cases must be restrained by multiple police officers.

The effects of Flakka are the following:
Rise in body temperature
Excited delirium
Confused speech

If you see any of these symptoms in your loved ones, do not allow it to go on. Flakka is very dangerous and taking one is like risking your life. So please intervene and seek treatment help.

synthetic marijuana

Also known as:

Spice aka k-2

Although “Spice” is not a designer drug, it is made up of chemicals and substances that are unknown and dangerous just like designer drugs. The combination of these can be lethal. This might surprise the typical Spice user because they usually purchase the “herbal blend” at their local convenience store. There still isn't a law that acknowledges all the youths that have found their end by experimenting with this drug.
The purchase and distribution of this product is still legal in most places around the U.S. I feel there is no sense of urgency when it comes to stopping the sale of this product. All over the country, people are becoming addicted and having adverse reactions while on Spice but because Spice is sold everywhere it is not thought to be as dangerous as it is.

What are the effects of Spice on the Body and Brain?
Spice is an herbal blend that includes plant materials and spices which have been sprayed with chemicals that mimic thc, the main component in Marijuana. When you expose your mind and body to this drug, you are pretty much playing Russian Roulette with your life. Due to all the unknown chemicals that compose this drug, you become more vulnerable than if you would have taken some Marijuana. Spice usually causes unpredictable side effects that can affect the mental stability of the user. Most people who have tried Spice experience psychosis and anxiety even more intense than a bad Marijuana high.

The effects of Spice are the following:
fast heartbeat
thoughts of suicide

Author's Bio: 

Im Astharte De Los Santos,
I write about mental health struggles. Sometimes drug abuse can mask some of the symptoms of having a mental health disorder.