A coffee table is necessary in most living rooms, as we all need somewhere convenient to place a drink while lounging on the sofa, but coffee table often become neglected surfaces laden with rubbish and forgotten objects. Why not lavish some love on your living room today with some beautiful and practical table accessories?

  • Literary Leanings
    Books are often seen as the ultimate table accessory for the lounge room. Choose large format art or lifestyle books to provide a touch of literary sophistication, visual interest and the perfect distraction whenever you need it!
  • Festive Features
    It's always fun to switch around decorations up in your home, and the holiday season provides a perfect opportunity (or excuse!) to do so. Your accessories can be overtly religious or cute if you want, or you could simply decorate using festive elements such as miniature pine trees or green and red holly sprays.
  • Fruitful Finds
    Flowers are a popular accessory choice for every room in the house, but why don't you create a fresh look with a fruit or fresh produce display instead? With some luck and clever styling techniques, you can easily create a seasonal fruit arrangement that is relaxed and inviting.
  • Coordinating with Kids
    While most table accessories are designed with a sophisticated audience in mind, there's no need to leave the kids out of the decorating equation. Living room surfaces are often at just the right height for your children to sit and draw at, so you might find that an attractive tin or jar of crayons make pretty and practical accessories.
  • Little Lights
    Out of all decorative objects, candles are perhaps the most versatile. Whether you want to add a dark, Gothic touch for Halloween or create a romantic setting for a date night, the right candle can make all the difference.
  • Bowls and Bottles
    Your table accessories don't have to be purely decorative, in fact the best decorations serve a practical purpose as well. Consider using pretty bowls and other receptacles to hold bookmarks, candy, craft supplies or fragrant flower petals.
  • Tea Trays
    Trays are another useful table accessory that can easily add some sparkle to your space while also making organisation easier. Mirrored or metallic trays are perfect for holding a collection of candles as the shiny surface gently reflects the light around the room, while wooden, woven or fabric trays add a stunning finishing touch to rustic inspired spaces.
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