We all know the metaphor about not being able to see the woods for the trees. To be able to achieve success in almost anything in life you have to be able to look at things from different angles. You have to be able to see the woods and the trees, not simply one or the other.

Many situations in golf are reflective of circumstances in which we can find ourselves in life in general. Golf in fact seems to highlight the mental and emotional struggles and challenges that we encounter in the rest of our lives.

For example, you can work very diligently upon the range or with your pro to achieve an understanding of your swing. You appreciate the finer details of swing path, loft, trajectory, rhythm and balance, backswing and follow through, direction and alignment, and so on. Despite all of this effort you can sometimes find yourself at a loss as to what is happening in your swing; you seem to have lost all of your feel and sense of control. And the more you focus upon your hands and arms, hips and feet, the more lost you become.

At this point you have to take a step back and see your golf swing from a different angle. Instead of looking at the trees you need to once again be able to see the woods. You have to see your swing as a whole instead of a series of individual parts.

It is the same with driving a car. Anyone who is used to driving with a stick shift will know that you just change gear instinctively. You just do it. Yet if you try to think about what you are doing as you do it you find that you get it all wrong and almost stall the car.

There is a time for focusing upon individual parts and a time when it is more appropriate to see the overall picture. In seeking success in anything you have to see your overall goal. You have to be able to imagine achieving that goal and appreciate what it will feel like and what it will mean to you. You have to imagine yourself tasting your success.

But at the same time you need to be able to see the individual parts that are involved in the process of making your way towards that goal. You need a clear plan. You need to be able to set out the steps along the way to achieving your goals. In effect, your overall goal needs to be set out in bite-sized chunks, each element doable in itself but all knitting together as you move towards your goal that is indelibly fixed in your mind.

What really helps a person who is in pursuit of success is to have your overall goal firmly fixed within your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind that operates automatically and instinctively. To have your goal fixed in your subconscious mind triggers it to remain in pursuit of that goal no matter what; to leave no stone unturned in your pursuit of success. It empowers and excites your imagination. It keeps you motivated and on track.

Hypnosis allows you to do this. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation that provides access to your subconscious mind. Thus with hypnosis you can set your goals clearly within this powerful part of your mind so that you find yourself working towards them automatically and instinctively. In this way you will not forget your goals. You will not get lost in the woods or unable to see the woods for the trees.

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