We live in a world that is speeding up at exponential proportions. Whirling and swirling, racing on the Hamster Wheel, and continually multi-tasking are not the state human beings were meant to be in. On many levels our hormones respond to this lifestyle by continually being in an over-stimulated state, creating many levels of imbalances and toxicity in our lives. Connecting with what truly matters to us is very difficult, if not impossible, when living your life this way. Here’s a solution that can restore you and bring you back to a centered and joyful way of being: Guided Retreats!

Many people live in a state where they are just reacting to life and feel they have no control or sense of being in charge. When we are on this path of being outer-directed, it’s common to lose track of who you are, what you value and where you’re headed. At this time in our history, more than ever, we are being called upon to re-center ourselves in a healthy way for the sake of our individual lives, the lives we touch and the future of our planet. We are being called to discover what will nourish and sustain us in order to redesign our lives to be meaningful and fulfilling.

In order to do this, we must step away from the Hamster Wheel. There needs to be not just a psychological separation but also a physical separation from all the hooks we have in us from our family, friends and work/life commitments. Taking a retreat is about creating the sacred time and space – described by the Greek word Kairos – to hear your own voice, your True voice deep inside. This is the voice of your authentic self who knows what you value and the dreams that will bring real fulfillment to your life. As author Joan Borysenko, author of Your Soul's Compass put it, "To get clarity of vision on your life, you have to get away from it". If clarity is what you seek, Retreats are the answer.

Along with partaking in treatments to detoxify your physical body, one must also reach into the Heart and Soul of your life to gain more clarity and wisdom for the journey forward. This process, of detoxifying your Soul – or closing your Power Leaks – is possible when guided by a skilled Retreat Leader. Understanding how you leak your own power, whether via weight issues driven by low esteem, creating negative relationships via unskilled communication, or endless people-pleasing, is the first step to making empowering change towards more well-being. Look for an experienced Retreat Leader that can help you find personalized strategies for effective action.

Engaging in activities that use your right brain - the center of your imagination, intuition and creativity - helps you find new perspectives and revelations about how to live a life where you are aligned with your True self. Some of these inspiring activities include reflection, creative self-expression through art, movement and song, meditation, and focused time in nature. The natural world is often the path home to ourselves. In our busy, overtaxed culture we forget to connect with the beauty and acceptance we find there. We can avail ourselves of the clarity and insights that are available when we return to nature. It is a Source of rejuvenation for our Soul.

Each one of us has the potential to be a genius (yes, really!) as we bring our unique gifts to the world. Learning how to consciously choose our actions, in line with our deepest values creates a life on purpose with deep meaning. When you live this internally-directed way, unconditional success if possible. You are aligned with the abundance all around us and experience synchronicity and magic on a daily basis. Life is a golden adventure, a joyful dance with everyone and everything. Happiness is accessible at any moment, not something you have to wait for. Isn’t this the life that calls to your deepest self? Take a step in service to your True Life and gift yourself with a Retreat now.

Author's Bio: 

Victoria FittsMilgrim, PCC directs True Life Coaching & Retreats in Durango, CO. With over 25 years in the field of personal transformation she has been a Certified Coach/Retreat Leader since 2002. Her retreats offer a safe, loving and fun environment to come home to your True Self. She is the real deal when it comes to sustainable and positive personal change.

Her next retreat, scheduled for Nov. 13-15, at Kelly Place, in the Canyon of the Ancients. Get more information here: http://www.truelifecoach.net/retreats.htm#WildSoul

Victoria can be reached at victoria@truelifecoach.net