Tantra…a loaded word in today’s society. Misconceptions abound due to the many different interpretations of what Tantric practice actually is. For some Tantra is about learning to communicate more authentically in their relationships, for others it means learning to give & receive heart centered touch. For many it is a path of sexual healing and sensual empowerment, and in some cases, Tantra is simply another word for hand-job. In the Western world, what Tantra actually IS seems to depend on who is offering the service and their particular orientation to the path. I was fortunate as I embarked upon my Tantric Journey, to encounter instructors who had authentic methods to share, and were committed to engaging those methods for the purpose of healing, transformation, and liberation. Tantra for me was, and continues to be, the sexual education that we all should have had, but didn’t get. The absence of REAL sexual education in our culture occurs for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being the fact that, although many of the physiological and psychological benefits of Tantric sexual practices have been “scientifically” or medically proven, they are not common knowledge. As a result, awareness of these methods (and their benefits), are not yet integrated into the conventional western approach to sexuality, which is where our so-called “sexual education” comes from.

The highest purpose for Tantric Sexual Practice, at least according to Vajrayana Buddhism, is the realization of voidness, or enlightenment. This is achieved not through warm fuzzy feelings and deep eye-gazing (though those may occur), but through the application of physical techniques designed to enhance and prolong sexual pleasure, as well as meditative practices engaged during the act of physical union. Which are all great and wonderful things, but how does that actually lead to any sort of realization? It was explained to me like this; at the moment of orgasm, the “winds” or moving energies of the genitals, brush the central channel, which is the core of our life force.When this happens, we get a glimpse or taste of voidness, i.e. enlightenment. Think of that moment of orgasm, those few brief seconds of bliss, and that internal sense of freedom, expansiveness & joy… not to mention the pleasure! That momentary experience is just a hint of what is possible. Imagine extending that fleeting moment of orgasm to last several minutes, sometimes hours. Imagine experiencing the bliss of orgasm over and over again during one lovemaking session, and having the tools in your hands to repeat that experience as often as you’d like. Quite a different state of affairs than our conventional “sex ed”.

And all of that is just a description of the mechanics, relating to the esoteric aspect of Tantra. So what happens on the physical level during sexuality? When human beings engage in sexual activity, the body begins producing a rich abundance of life-giving and anti-aging hormones and chemistries in the body. Some of these chemistries are not produced in any other way! The very act of becoming sexually aroused initiates this bio-chemical process, and the more time we are able to spend in this state of sexual arousal and enjoyment, the more these life-giving chemistries are able to permeate our very cells. A stronger immune system, increased cell renewal, improved brain function and prolonged life-span are just a few of the benefits you can count on experiencing as a result of Tantric practices.

And then, there are the emotional and psychological benefits that occur through Tantra. We humans tend to store emotional and psychological traumas in the body and sexual organs. An emotional/psychological trauma can be as severe as physical or sexual abuse, or as seemingly minute as being emotionally rejected or hurt in some way. Our life experiences leave imprints upon us, whether positive or negative. The energy patterns of these imprints are held in our bodies and may inhibit our ability to relate freely with the present moment and our partner. Tantric practices often take this into account, employing many methods of deepening the sense of connection and presence within oneself and partner. This facilitates an environment of safety and trust, which is essential for deep healing to occur. In this environment, techniques such as vulva, yoni, g-spot and sacred sector massage can be practiced with depth and presence, and the potential for life-altering transformation can be realized. Freedom of sexual expression, and fullness of sensual enjoyment can then be more easily and regularly experienced.

What I LOVE about Tantric practice, is that the methods are simple, easy and so very effective. Yes, it takes courage to embark upon a path of growth. Whether you are interested in Tantra for “spiritual realization” or you simply want better sex, in order to get from here to there, some sort of growth must occur. BUT, with the correct methods and tools, that growth can be rapid and ever so rewarding. Like any new skill that we learn, Tantra takes time and practice (but what a FUN thing to practice!) and it is a commitment to a new way of life…a better way of life in my opinion. Time…practice… patience… growth, reward, joy, and an ever increasing sense of fulfillment in life. I’ll buy that!

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Author's Bio: 

Devi Ward is the Co-Founder of Tantric Arts of Love, the only school for Tantric Sex offering qualified instruction in the secret Tibetan Five Element Sexual Teachings. Devi is a Certified Tantric Healer, Certified Dakini, and Advanced Tantric Sexuality Educator. She is a Featured Tantric Expert at SexySpiritualRelationships.com and SelfGrowth.com. Devi has had extensive training in Non-Violent Communication since 2005 and was an active member of KauaiNVC from 2008-2011. She offers Tantric Communication Coaching for singles and couples based on the principles of NVC (http://www.cnvc.org/.)

Devi has been a Sensual Movement Coach and Sacred Erotic Dance Instructor since 2005. She is the Founder of Feminine Emergence, a Movement-Healing modality that uses Tantric Movement and Sensual Dance to produce physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in relationship to sexual and sensual self-expression. Devi has worked successfully with many women to support and encourage the full emergence of their “Sensual Selves”.

Devi is the author of numerous articles about Tantra, sexuality and healing.

She is currently writing her first book about Tantric Sexual Cultivation for Women.

To learn more about Devi Ward, please visit www.tantricartsoflove.com