Taoism centers around the concept of the Tao: a dark, shifting Void of infinite potential that pervades and nourishes everything in the universe and is “older than God.” As this one divine energy flows through all things seen and unseen, Taoists believe there are observable and predictable patterns all around us that we can either fight against (in vain) or relax into and find greater joy and peace – going with the flow. Here are three examples:

  • Flexibility is life, and rigidity is death. Whenever we find ourselves rigidly defending a position in an argument, or rigidly condemning someone for whatever reason, we are separating ourselves from the natural joyful flow of life. Going with the flow means preserving our natural vitality by remaining physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually flexible.
  • The more we give, the more we receive. By sharing instead of hoarding, by focusing on win-win solutions instead of win-lose scenarios, we earn friendships, business allies, stronger communities, and greater overall success. Even if we can only afford to share smiles, compliments, and encouragement, the pattern still holds. Going with the flow means freely letting possessions come and go, come and go.
  • Presuming to know everything is sickness, and being open to learning is health. We can choose to approach our world with a natural, childlike curiosity, or with a cynical attitude that we already know everything. In his 1901 book “Spiritual Knowing,” Theodore F. Seward wrote, “A modern writer speaks of the slow development of the race as resulting from ‘the infinite capacity of the human mind to resist new ideas.’ But this conservatism does not result so much from a positive resistance as from the fact that the adult mind is already occupied. It is like a citadel whose occupants repel indiscriminately all who approach it, treating all alike as intruders and enemies.” Going with the flow means opening our eyes, our ears, our minds, and our hearts.

As many begin a three-day weekend today, may you consider these patterns and more joyfully go with the flow!

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