It’s true. Each of us has the ability to be psychic and use that intuitive part of our brains. The reality is we use very little of our brain power. In fact, the medical profession doesn’t even know what most of our brain does. And ancient history shows us that our ancestors who lived in a much more connected state to the planet and to each other were able to do amazing things with their psychic and intuitive abilities. Our culture has changed and lost this connection, but the ability is still there, we just need to learn to use it.

Anyone can be psychic. All it takes is practice, practice, practice, just like anything else. Our ancient ancestors would have learned how to use these skills from birth on. In fact being connected in this way to each other was normal and a part of everyday life. It is part of our DNA to be able to use these skills.

The first step in re-awakening your psychic abilities
is to listen.
Take time every day to listen. This means turning off the television, radio, computer, and phone. Go and sit outside or go for a walk. Listen to the world. Yes, you are going to hear traffic, cars, noise from other people’s homes, but go deeper in your listening. The world as a whole makes noise and sings a song. Try to hear that song and in doing so remember your connection.

When you have a regular listening practice, add in listening to yourself. Anytime you get a gut feeling about something take notice. If you feel like someone is being less than honest follow those feelings. Learn when your gut instinct is telling you something important; if it helps get a notebook and write down when these things happen to follow up on later.

As you develop your self-listening skill, start to follow those clues. If your inner voices tells you to turn right rather than left, do it. See what happens. It could be nothing or it could be really important. The more you follow your intuition the more often it will make suggestions to you. Be willing to do things differently than you planned and watch how much more often your psychic abilities steer you in the right direction.

If you notice that you never hear your intuition or gut speaking to you then start a meditation practice. Often when the intuition doesn’t come it is because our talking self has too much control. The talking self helps you to function in society, but there is more to life than society. Meditation will help you to quiet your talking self; which in turn, will help you hear more than what is being said.

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