Ten Things You Should Know About Thinking
You are what you think. So doesn’t it make sense to learn how to choose carefully the thoughts you entertain.
Once you choose to monitor and select your thinking, your life will never be the same.
Why not start today?
Learn how to monitor and choose right thinking. You'll never look back.
1. What Thinking Is
Six distinguishing characteristics of thinking:
1. Thinking is a process of deductive reasoning, as from cause to effect, from the simple elements to the complex whole.
2. Thinking is the process of using your mind to consider something carefully.
3. Thinking is a logical line of thought. As in a particular way of thinking that is characteristic of some individual or group.
4. Thinking is the cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the event of something happening.
5. Thinking is the act or the practice of thought.
6. Thinking is reasoning. It is an operation of the mind through logical rather than intuitive thought processes; it is intellectual activity.

Let’s summarize what thinking is; thinking is the process of reasoning, using your mind to consider something. It is a cognitive process that follows a logical line. It is a particular way of thinking.
How you think is a habit based on your experiences and it can be changed.
2. How Do You Think?
Consider the thoughts you select. What do you habitually choose?
How you think is the essence of how you process incoming thoughts and how you live your life.
Become aware, ask yourself, what’s your habitual thought selection process?
3. Negative Thinking
Thinking can be positive or negative. Negative thinking includes thoughts of lust, jealousy, vengeance, anger and thoughts of self grandiose, self righteousness and pride.
It’s deciding the glass is half-empty.
4. Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is making your self ready for opportunities, joy and prosperity. Positive thinking is being receptive to all life has to offer.
It’s deciding the glass is half- full.
5. Habitual Thinking How do you think? What’s your habitual thinking pattern?
Take one full day to become aware of what and how you’re thinking. Determine your habitual pattern of thought.
Once you know what it is, you can change it.
6. Golden Rule of Thinking
Learn to be kind in your thoughts, words and deeds. Practice thinking, speaking and acting kindly to others. Just think, speak and act as you would like others to think, speak and act toward you
7. Prayer Thinking
Prayer is thought turned to God or your Higher Power. Prayer is communicating with the Universal Power.
Spend some time each day in prayer thinking.
It’s important to learn to listen to the thoughts the Universe sends back to you.
8. It's All Yours - No One Can Tell You How to Think
When you grasp the full truth of this statement; that no one can tell you what to think, you are set free.
You’ll realize that you are off the hook, you are free to think whatever thoughts you want.
When that happens, positive thinking becomes a no brainer.
9. Prisoner Thinking
There is no excuse or reason to become trapped in a habit of negative thinking. After all it is your choice.
Changing your thinking is like the tip of the iceberg; the changes occur not just on the surface but deep within, where you live.
You can literally create a new soul with right thinking. Once you break free of the imprisonment of negative thinking, you’ll know the joy and excitement of living life fully.
10. Commit to Changing Your Thinking and Your Life
A decision to create new habits of thinking will change your life in dramatic and exciting ways and maintaining positive mental images in your thoughts will further enhance your life.
These two actions will be two of the most important actions you can take to change your life by changing how you think.
Now that you understand how you think. Now that you know you can choose the thoughts you hold.
Now you can no longer blame people, places and things for the life you lead.
You will experience a wild sense of joy and freedom when you fully accept this concept.
It is you who choose your life.
Begin today to imagine your life the way you want it. Create a mental picture; think about that picture all day, believe it to be true.

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