Teraxlation is a Manifest method, Manifest Ralaxation.
This includes the energy and chakras healing, releasing the emotional blocks, transbreathing and hypnotherapy. This is very simple method, but it’s very powerful and effective.

Have you got a dream? Would you like your dream comes true? Would you like to experience the State of Natural Wholeness?

Your energy system, chakras, your heart, body and mind remembers what happened to you in your life. The subconscious mind accepts everything.

When you would like to Manifest your dreams, may be blocked the stored informational. But, if you discover your obstacles, and will clearing the Energy system, you can change your life and manifest your Big Dreams.

The Transbreathing, (what I use during this process) is open your mind, and clearing your chakras.
Try it!
Take a three deep Breath in through top of your head (Crown), hold it and breath out slowly through your Root. Breath in slowly and deeply, hold it and exhale slowly.
Every deep and slowly breath is opens your mind, and the every release is clears your chakras and energy system. It’s unlocks your blocks and emancipates your emotions. ( Notice! Person who lives with pacemaker or ICD should be advised, because it’s strains on the body.)

The Guided meditation is combined with Transbreathing shows and removes the blocks and belief. This is the first part of the Teraxlation method.

Second parts is the Gratitude and works with your Heart. The Heart is the central of your Life and central of your Body. This is very important. Your Dreams lives in your Heart. When you feel the Gratitude, and you say: Iam Grateful for something, your heart is happy and opens the door to the oppurtinities.

The third parts is the preManifest as a report. If you are discovered your negative belief in the second parts, in this parts you can able to rewrite your belief. You will able to reprogram your mind! This is the begining…
What do you want?
What would you like to happen in you life? What you want really? – This is your decision! The answer is in your Mind and Heart. Discover it!

The part four is the Hypnotherapy session. You already know what you want. The Hypnotherapy is helps reprograming your mind and change your life or behavior and belief. This parts is effect your subconscious mind.

The Teraxlation’s effects:
- reduces the high blood pressure
- calms the mind
- balances your energy system
- dissolves the emotional blocks and negative belief
- increases the self-esteem, self-confidence
- increases the awareness
- helps the process of Manifest

Would you like to experience the state of Natural Wholeness? You can able to…
Be present! Be yourself! Smile! Relax! Listen to your Inner Voice! – The Teraxlation leads to this state.

I think this method is not difficult. This is powerful and joyful. This is based on Energy Healing, Law of Attraction and Power of Mind.
Would you like to experience these effects in your life? Try it!

Theresia Valoczy, hypnotherapist, coach

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