Did you remember the Love Meditation?

What's the effects of Love Meditation?
- grows your inner peace
- improves your self-awareness
- calms
- develops into your personality
- opens your Heart to the Gratitude and Love
- manifests your dream
- clears your emotions and thoughts

When you use this Love Meditation before going to sleep, your mind opens the Inner Voice, and Deep Calm. In this state of consious your subconscious mind is the Boss.
When you relaxed, listen to this money-magnet affirmations:

- I manifest whatever I need or desire.
- I am wealthy in every possible way.
- I attract the very best of everything.
- I am powerful money-magnet.
- My life is abundant in every way.
- The Universe provides me with everything I need.
- I always think positively about money.
- I am able to manifest money when I need it.
- I attract prosperity quickly and easily.
- Money flows into my life.

Listen or repeat at these affirmations and Manifest Money while you sleep...

When you wake up, and you've a good idea in your mind, (please!) take on action!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author