Would you like to have a Manifesting- Dream- Formula?

I think, this exercise is very effective and powerful.
Try it!

Before going to sleep, relax!
Think of your day! What was your day? How did you felt? What happened? What did you do? Who did you meet? etc.
Choose a nice moment in this day!
Look at, examine at!

Put your hands on your Heart, and say: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you = high vibrations sentence.
When you say: Thank you! - your Body and Mind is full of Love.
Your energy increases. Your Heart opens the door to the Miracles. You feel good...

The Grateful (Thank you!) is the first step on the Manifestation's way.
What you do before going to sleep, your subconscious mind focuses it in the night. If you grows up your frequency, your night's sleep is calming and relaxing.

The Love Meditation ( You can find my webpage : www.sunrisedreamcoaching.com ) helps the Manifestation. Use before going to sleep, and manifest your dreams, increase your frequency! ( You can free download this Meditation! )

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