I had the pleasure to meet Kumiko-San around about 7 years ago.
I was depressed as I was in a job I didn't like and unable to see the end of the tunnel.

I went for a spiritual holistic healing session in the fall (early winter) and at the end of the session Kumiko-San said
the following words (I will never forget them):

You will be given an opportunity around mid February next year.

An sure enough on February the 14th (on Valentine's day) I was offered the most important job of my life.

I had the opportunity to grow and that position has given me the tools to be who I am today.

Since then I went on to start my own company but I couldn't do that had I not had the opportunity that was given to me thanks to Kumiko-San healing.

I visit Kumiko-san pretty regularly since then (sometimes, I have problems I want to solve, sometimes it's health related and other times...I just love spending time with her).

She has become my Guardian Angel and I am incredibly grateful for all she has done for me and my family.

I cannot recommend her and her services enough. She is extraordinary.
If I had the time (and the courage) I would become her apprentice :)

Thank you Kumiko-San for everything you have done for me.

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