If your husband is cheating on you, then he is probably taking preemptive actions to cover his tracks. He is making excuses for being out of the house, deleting internet history, or has some code name for his mistress on his cell phone. But despite all of these precautions, most affairs will be discovered for two reasons. Here I’ll be discussing what these two things are and how you can use them to discover the truth about your husband.

Finding the Evidence “Accidentally”

First, he will become very protective of incriminating evidence. He will closely guard things like phone bills, credit card statements, and his cell phone. If you get a chance to look at these things, you’ll find clues of the affair and you’ll be able to put the pieces into place. That’s why he has suddenly taken such an interest in managing the household bills and doesn’t want you using his cell phone to call yours when you lose it.

One way that affairs get discovered is because your husband lets his guard down or he is away when the mail comes and you end up opening a bank statement or get a “Thank You” card from hotel. It’s usually a slip-up like this that gets him caught. So, one way to catch him is to take a sudden interest in bills, the bank account, and mail in general. He may become defensive, which just means that you need to keep digging.

A Friend Spills the Beans

Second, if your husband is having an affair, there’s a good chance he’ll have to wine and dine his mistress at some point. Even if you live in a big city, it can be surprising how small our worlds can be. You never know when you’ll just randomly bump into someone you know out in public. This is a secret fear that your husband is probably suffering from. What if someone sees him out with this other woman and tells you--his wife.

Notice if your friends start to seem a little strange around you or your husband. Maybe they don’t know how to react after seeing him out with another woman. Maybe they want to tell you, but they aren’t really sure how to approach the issue. A little prying might be enough to get them talking.

Dealing with a cheating husband isn’t easy. It can be difficult having a suspicion that he’s cheating without any solid evidence to support your hunch. But by knowing about these two main ways that cheating spouses usually get discovered, you can focus your efforts on trying to get the truth.

The real struggle, though is learning what to do if you find out he’s having an affair. Something like that can really shake you and leave you feeling so horrible, doubting your judgment and dealing a serious blow to your self-esteem. Don’t try to find the truth about your husband unless you are ready to deal with the possibility that he might actually be cheating.

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