If you’ve been wracking your brain wondering if your husband is cheating, let me take you into the mind of a cheater. Here I’ll be sharing with you the 3 habits of a cheating husband.

First of all, a cheating husband lives in a constant state of anxiety that he will be discovered. This may lead him to guard certain things very closely that might give him away. Does your husband seem to keep his cell phone or his computer “off limits” to anyone but himself?

If he seems to get bent out of shape whenever you try to use these things, there is a chance that he might be trying to protect his secret affair.

Additionally, he may also become very insistent that he handles the bills, bank statements and other such things. These also will leave a slimy trail of his indiscretion and if he can manage them then you won’t be able to catch on to all his “extra-curricular activities.” You’ll just think he’s being so helpful by taking care of the bills for you.

Secondly, your husband will probably be distancing himself emotionally from you. Most men feel guilty about having an affair. It is very difficult for a man, emotionally, to have feelings for two women at the same time, especially after he has married one of them (you).

In order to cope with his guilt, we will need to distance himself from you. Maybe he just doesn’t seem to talk with you anymore, maybe there’s more arguing, or maybe he just spends more time away from home. Either way, you’ll feel on an emotional level that he will be drifting away from you.

Third, he may act more cruel toward you. Building off that last point, if your husband is having an affair, he will not only need to distance himself from you, but after some time, he will begin to see the other woman as “all good,” while seeing you as “all bad.”

This isn’t anything personal about you. Again, this is just his guilt. He has to find a way to justify what he’s doing to himself. Most men are good people who never want to think of themselves as the kind of people who would cheat on their wife. If he is, he is suffering from guilt about it.

By labeling you as “all bad” in his mind, he can easily justify or rationalize the affair. “Well, if you she didn’t nag me all the time or made an effort to look a little nicer, she wouldn’t have driven me to this,” is what he might be thinking. These thoughts might come out when you’re talking too. If he starts to say insensitive or just plain cruel things directly to you, it could be a sign that he’s cheating.

If you notice any of these traits in your husband, you should be concerned. It doesn’t mean that he is necessarily having an affair, but it does mean that your marriage is suffering from some problems that you should definitely look at.

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