The advent of modern technologies has undoubtedly brought so much comfort to human lives. It has supported large industries in so many ways that production has become so large as to meet human needs for agricultural and industrial products. But a disadvantage caused by technological advances is overshadowed by these conveniences, and that is the depletion of natural resources. There has been awareness of this state that has led to a revolution in the use of natural resources that has happened and improved energy technologies.

What are the two energy sources of renewable energy? Basically, energy sources are either renewable or non-renewable. An energy source is only considered a renewable resource if it is replaced by natural processes and replenished over time. Renewable energy, on the other hand, is resources with sustainable yields. Unfortunately, the main energy sources used to control technology are not renewable, which means they can be depleted. They include petrol, coal, natural gas, diesel and other products derived from fossil fuels that cannot be renewed. The depletion of non-renewable energy source will be unavoidable because it is not replenished. Because of this, attention is gradually shifting to the use of renewable energy technologies.

Sustainable energy, often considered a renewable resource, is the supply of energy that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. They include plant material, solar energy, wind power, wave power, geothermal power and tidal energy. It usually also includes technologies that improve energy efficiency, otherwise called renewable energy technologies.

Solar energy is a form of renewable energy that supports technologies. Solar energy is the energy that comes directly from the sun. It is the most abundant source of energy on Earth and the fastest growing type of alternative energy. Renewable energy technologies through solar energy use the solar cell. It converts sunlight directly into electricity. The sun annually supplies more than 10,000 times the energy that humans currently use.

Wind power is another source that can be replenished. It stems from uneven heating of the earth's surface from the sun and the hot core. Renewable energy technologies supported by wind power are generated by electricity collected through the conversion of turbine blade rotation into electric current using an electric generator.

Hydropower is a very common resource used to power renewable energy technologies. The power comes from the movement of water in rivers and oceans, which can be used to generate electricity using turbines or can be used mechanically to perform useful work. Another renewable source is geothermal power produced through direct utilization of the natural heat flow from the earth.

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Hydropower is a very common resource used to power renewable energy technologies. The power comes from the movement of water in rivers and oceans.