If you are reading this article then you probably have some hope or belief that death is not the end. I would invite you to believe that we do live on after death and that the human consciousness survives the earthly death. Once we die our spirit body which is encased in a physical body on earth is clothed in an astral body and then it sheds the astral body to be ‘reborn’ into an etheric body, which is a lighter form as we progress, this is simply you returning back to where you originated from which is the spirit realms.

When you die it is like a homecoming or graduation back to the realms of spirit existence and a life should be celebrated as such. The astral body is heavier as it is close to the earth plane in its material structure. We live on the earth plane and when we die we move into the astral plane. If we have progressed as a spiritual being, we can remove ourselves from the astral plane and move into the etheric plane, a light and beautiful world.

As stated we die and move into the astral plane. If someone you know has died then you would see them in spirit as the same form as they had here on earth, the main difference being that any illness or condition would not still be with them and they would be whole again and the body would be in perfect condition. Though mental illness is carried over into the astral plane, but this can be treated through healing and rest on the other side and this is what happens to those who commit suicide, they do not burn in hell, rather they are helped to heal and become well again.

The person who has passed away will still retain the same character traits, humour and general character flaws and ways of living that they did whilst on the earth. If they were good then they would be still be good and if they were bad they would still be bad. We do not become angels when we die we simply lose our physical shell which had become useless to us. Our bodies will have undergone a transformation but our spirit or soul is still the same. We are almost like the small prism of energy depicted in the Superman films and it is this essence that lives on without the flesh to reside in.

Money and material things are not needed after death, you won’t feel cold or hungry but you may still feel the urge to eat of drink or even smoke but there are psychological and not physical needs. Your urges and wants will disappear over time when it is realised there is no need for them in the spirit world.

If you can try to look more to the spiritual side of life and understand the afterlife then you can prepare for life on the other side and this will make your passing so much easier and also give you an understanding of the bigger picture.

Author's Bio: 

Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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