The Angels have told me again and again that happiness is not something you wait for, it’s here now in this moment, you create it.

Happiness isn’t dependent on luck, or benevolent circumstances, it's dependent on your creative perspective, the Angels have spoken of it as “Angel sight”.

It means appreciating small things. Some days that may mean the smallest of things, but it can make all the difference in your happiness quotient.

Here are some Angelic suggestions for creatively bringing happiness into your life.

1.Make a Game of It

This is especially helpful on those “bad” days. Finding simple ways to manifest happiness through small joys can be a hide and seek challenge. See how many hidden joys you can find that are disguised as ordinary incidents on one of your bad days.

2. Recognize yourself as a Divine creation

You are an integral part of the great Divine, an incredible glorious individualized cell of the Divine. This means that you have all the aspects of the Divine,in the same way that you can cut a holographic image in two, and each part contains all the parts of the original image.

3. Remember that you are powerful

You are a powerful being, Begin to brainstorm ideas for expanding your sense of power by writing down ideas for ways to stretch yourself in life and utilize that power. Write down anything and everything you can think of, you can always filter your list later. You’ll be surprised at how much you can imagine yourself being and doing. Then take the next step and choose one thing from your list and execute it powerfully, as soon as you can.

4. Look for the good

Focusing on the good, brings more of it. If you prefer a bit of science with your spirituality, neuro-psychologists speak of the plasticity of the brain, “neurons that fire together, wire together”. This means that you can by your thinking, by focusing on the good things, actually enable neurons in your brain to fire in such a way as to form new patterns. This causes you to then consistently think more positively, so that you draw even more good to you naturally.

5. Share less negativity

It may seem that sharing eases the pain but often sharing simply attaches your troubles more firmly to you, like velcro. You may want to share now and then, but do it often and you convince yourself that things are worse than they are. Identify with your problems and they become attached to you, a part of you. Your problems and unhappiness instead of being a part of circumstance, become your identity. You begin to believe that things will never change, because it’s just “who you are. Continual problem sharing only casts a spell of expanding lack over you and your life experience.
Always ask yourself; Will I feel better after sharing or worse?
Does this person have the power to change my life?

6. Ask The Angels

Ask your Angels for help, always ask with the expectation that the answer will come, and it will. Pay attention and you’ll receive your answer. It could come as a road sign, a song on the radio, a snippet of overheard conversation at work. These are just some of the ways, the Angels communicate with you. And don’t forget your dreams, the Angels bring you symbols that spark solutions. Keep paper and pen close to your bed and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

7. Look in the Mirror and Smile

This is a direct reflection of the laws of life, the mirror cannot reflect back a smile if you are frowning. Likewise, your life will not reflect back happiness to you when you are convinced there is only difficulty.

I've applied these steps to my own life, and it's made a distinct difference. I encourage you to follow the Angels guidance too, and see your life experience change for the better.

Author's Bio: 

Lilygrace is an angel intuitive channel and spiritual facilitator passionate about helping others find self-love and happiness through Angelic communication.

Find lots of free information and guidance, including articles, energy exercises and more at her website.