This blog focuses on the Career Focussed Junior College we have launched in 2020. This article may also help parents with some guidance to help their children have a happy, successful, fulfilling life and career even if they are not at Aurinko.

There is a buzz about the Aurinko College in the world of Education because you finally have a program at the school level that connects #passion2career and bridges the huge skill gap seen in students in the first year of most Undergrad courses. Many do not know that this program starts at Grade 8 in Aurinko and is open to external students at Grade 11 when they apply for admission.

Most students approaching for admissions at Grade 11 usually make career choices in the following ways.

1. I score high in science and math and hence I may be good in them and hence the science stream. Or I don’t like these subjects and don’t do well and hence non-science stream.

2. Taking science and math till grade 12 gives me an option to enter into any stream so Ill just stick to it.

3. I want a job that helps me earn more

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George Krishton having over 5 years of experience into content writing, wrote articles globally for small and medium size business.