Getting tested for STIs can be quite intimidating, which is why STI tests at home were not made to help out. People who are sexually active need to get tested, and if you feel shy of the stares you might be getting by visiting a clinic, then worry not, as you can do this at home. As long as you find a good lab, you should be just fine. This source has some of the best STI tests at home that you can take a look at.


If you are looking for something affordable, HealthLabs might just be everything that you need since this will definitely help you out with lab testing. You just need to do your sampling at home, and then you can take your samples to one of their testing centers. You do not need to make an appointment with them, and you get the results quickly as well. You can also have someone go for you or have it delivered, so that is really something to consider as they only cost around $59 per test. At the same time, they might not offer professional consultation.


While quest direct is a little pricey at $139, you also get a physician for just $6, so it is really quite a good deal. They have home test kits for you to try out, and you get consultations in case you need them. Certainly, you might want to check it out as they are good and has certifications to prove it. You also get the results within just seven business days, which is quite speedy, too, in case you need them. You can also contact them with any questions, and they have good customer service, so you should be able to get what you need without a problem.

Persona labs

You get a cheap test from Persona labs at $46-$51, depending on what lab you use them with. They are available in about 2,300 testing labs, so you should be able to figure it out. You can do the sampling by yourself, so you should be very comfortable with it. If you are going to engage in sexual activities, it would be best to have yourself tested as soon as possible, especially if you do not use any condoms when you do the deed. Since you will have to give them a blood sample, they should be able to detect things more thoroughly for you.


You get a lot of things when you try out OraQuick, including the privacy you want, the convenience that you need, and the quick result turnout. You get free shipping to them, too, when you have to send in your samples. You get to try out their HIV test kit for just $39. You also get to try their oral test kit, which is the only one that is FDA approved, so you get to make sure they offer you the quality that you need from them.

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