When setting a formal table, there is often a grand and elaborate centerpiece. When creating a vision board, there should also be a grand centerpiece. That centerpiece should be YOU!

Yes, it is recommended by many, including Joyce Schwarz best-selling author of "The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life", to include a picture of yourself in the center of your vision board.

You should include the picture of yourself on your board to be a reminder that you are the co-creator of your life. YOU are center to the vision of your life. You are the “star” of the movie and the one who must take action in your life.

Yes, some would say that the Universe will manifest your vision board. However, if the Universe opens the door for your vision, you must be the one to walk through the open door.

When choosing the picture of yourself, make it a positive one. Choose a picture that you like and that reflects a happy time in your life.

For example, it can be a childhood image laughing and playing at the park or a birthday party surrounded by friends and family. These would be especially appropriate if they reflected items you were visioning for now -- peace, playfullness, freedom, family, love, etc.

Another approach that is very common is to take a new picture -- one that reflects what you want in the future. It is a common story of people who go to a car dealership and have a picture taken in their "dream car."

With technology, you can also "photo shop" a picture of yourself standing in front of your dream home or on your dream vacation.

However you choose, it is important to picture yourself in your vision. Without you....it is not your vision.

Author's Bio: 

Marian Brown is a Certified Vision Board Counselor and long-time believer in the principles of "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction. For over twelve years she has been the online editor for Holistic Health News and has been an active participant in body-mind-spirit wellness for over twenty years.

Marian is also a corporate trainer for an international company and private coach who has developed easy-to-follow training seminars in a variety of areas using many techniques from basic one-on-one to high tech presentations. Using "left-brain" methods she is able to assist clients with developing their "right-brain" vision and goals.