Excerpt from my book: "The Crab Effect" The subtitle of this book is "How to Handle the Haters in Your Life". One thing that is incredibly evident when one sets out to follow the path and purpose that God has ordained for his or her life is that with certainty, there will be haters trailing behind at almost every turn to defame, discredit, and assassinate the very plans of God for your life. In my grandmother's time, this used to be referred to as the "Crab Effect". The reference was to the effect that steam has on crabs in a pot. When the water begins to boil, the crabs, in an effort to escape, will begin to pull each other back, but my grandmother was not talking about crabs, of course. She was implying that people will try to snatch you back from moving ahead in life. In the story of Joseph, in the Bible, Joseph witnesses this same phenomena in his own experience with his brothers. Because of jealousy of the gift that God had given him, Joseph's brothers began to plot to kill him. Today, your enemies or your haters, may not pursue plans to take your life, but there is an attempt that is just as diabolical. It is the plot to kill a person's name or reputation and character. There is an answer to this dilemma, however. Joseph's story illustrates the methods and strategies that can propel one from "the pit to the palace". What Joseph discovered, and so will you, is that God's hand on your head and life is far greater than the venomous poison of the vibrating tongue and evil devices of the enemy or haters in your life! The way you handle your haters is essential to whether you will succeed or fail in your pursuit of your God given destiny. One major strategy that will be examined in chapter one is the principle of "letting go" This principle is based on not struggling but simply knowing that God has a plan for your deliverance, and that your future is in His hands. "Letting go" also involves realizing that God does not listen to anything the devil says about you!!! Jesus is the high priest over your confessions. He makes intercession to the Father for you. You can relax because God is not paying any attention to the lies, innuendoes or slander that the devil may be spreading about you. He only accepts the interceding from His son, Jesus Christ!

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Bio of Dr. Emily Grant DeCarlo
Literacy Instructor for RoseBridge Community Arts, a program of the Hopewell Museum of Art and Intercultural History
Author, poet, educator, spiritual adviser, evangelist, consultant
B.A. Social Welfare Systems-Hampton University-Hampton, Virginia
M.Ed. Guidance Counseling-Hampton University-Hampton, Virginia
M.Ed. Special Education-Virginia State University- Petersburg, Virginia
Three year Leadership Training Institute- Chesterfield County Public Schools Leadership Program in conjunction with University of Richmond’s Jefferson School of Leadership
PhD.-Christian Education- 2007 Living Waters Biblical Institute-Petersburg, Va.
Special Education Teacher: Chesterfield County Public Schools- 1996-2011
Special Education Teacher: Petersburg Public Schools- 2011-2013
Associate Minister- Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, Hopewell, Va. 2003-present
Co-pastor- Bible Covenant Believers in Christ Deliverance Ministries, Petersburg, Virginia
Founder of The Grant DeCarlo Institute for the Healing Arts -2013
Licensed in ministry-July 1998-New Hope Christian Center-Hopewell, VA
Ordained as minister-May2007-Living Waters Biblical Institute, Petersburg, Va.
Inducted into Tau Sigma Delta honor society for contributions to Literature (Virginia State University Chapter)
Book: “Let it Shine” used as supplemental text for English 211 (creative writing class) at Virginia State University
Poem: “Epiphany” published in Essence magazine, January 2008 edition (page 116)
Published works (poetry): “Secret Dimensions”; “Full Moon Rising”; “True Stories”; “So You Can Know Me”; “Come Sunday Morning”
Research based published works: “Using Poetry to Promote Reading and Language Acquisition”
Other published works: “The Crab Effect” (inspirational book on handling the haters in your life based on the story of Joseph in the Bible);
Poetry CD entitled “Journey” 2009
Blog: “The DeCarlo Files” emilydecarlo.blogspot.com
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