The other day a friend asked me how I help people. I told her, very simply, that I teach people how to crack their world open to reveal thrilling new possibilities and opportunities that they couldn't see before. She laughed and said I encourage people to become Crack Addicts.


In that context, I do. In fact, it's now replaced Starbucks lattes as my preferred drug of choice.

If you're stuck in the muck of your circumstance its hard to see clearly. You are blind to opportunities because you can't see through the schmutz on you perspective lens. The world is nothing but your perception of it. You see only through yourself. You hear only through the filter of your story. You’re closed up in the shell of a tale that limits you.

Here's the thing....

In order to get a clear view of what is really going on you have to get out of your head and into your truth. You have to crack open your perspective to let some light in the shadowy areas that elude you.

When you're overwhelmed or on a path that's not getting you where you want to go chances are you're interfering in your experience. You're adding meaning and interpretation that often isn't based in reality. What you're experiencing is often merely a triggered reaction served up through a misguided belief you hold around an event in your past.

You can't really see where you are and where you can go because, frankly, you're not there! You're stuck in the past somewhere. Even when you're worrying about the future, you're stuck in the past. Future projections tend to be grounded in past experience.

Worry is a negative energy sparked by a negative past experience and catapulted into the future. Excitement is a positive energy fueled by a positive past experience. Invest your energy in what you want instead of what derails you.

You are not your past. Your past is not your truth. It is just an interpretation of your truth. Who you are is the generative force of your personal power. When you feel stressed, overwhelmed or frustrated you have given up your power to what I call the Inner Critic. This fraidy-cat egotistic part of you does not want you to move beyond the comfort zone of your current state even though you may not like it very much. Your Inner Critic wants you to stay right where you are where it is 'safe'.

If you're in the place of not being able to see any light in a daunting experience ask yourself the following question:

"Where is it that I am not stepping into my power, what am I not giving voice to or where am I not moving forward authentically?"

Ask your heart, not your mind, what you want to create or do in that moment. Your heart is the voice of your true self, intuition and inspiration - your truth. Your chatterbox Inner Critic is the voice of your fear and self-doubt.

Which part of you do you choose to hold and direct your power?

Empowerment is about more than just being present. It is about being fully in the truth of that moment. Develop a habit of cracking open your world.

Your opportunities are often hidden in your obstacles. Look for the gifts in the challenges you face. They're there, I promise you.

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