Albert Einstein famously said "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."

I love this, live by it and reiterate it to my clients over and over again. This principle has driven my ability to solve almost any problem when it comes to business growth. I learned very early in my career that problems don't get solved unless you do just that-solve them. You have to look at it frontward, backward and upside down until you figure out why you aren't getting what you want and what you need to do to change the outcome.

When the economy was crashing in 08-09' our business exploded. We simply surveyed the market, realized there was a problem and designed a solution to solve it. Our competition was in free fall, competitors laying off left and right, shutting their doors and just giving up. Myself and my team had our best year on record to date. The difference was in attitude, strategy and innovation, we were determined to come out on top and we did.

So I have to ask you, are you insane? Are you starting 2013 differently? Are you stepping into your higher self, demanding that you be the best you can possibly be?

What changes have you put in place in your business and in your life that will allow you to meet your career and lifestyle goals?

What I have learned over the years is that whatever you want to be, whoever you want to be, you have to live it, breath it and be it now. Use your common sense and don't kid yourself. Whatever stories you have been telling yourself about why you have to stay in the job you hate, can't take a vacation even though you deserve it, can't double your income or get yourself on a plan to be financially free are dead wrong.

Now is a great time to evaluate your growth and goals in your;

• Health
• Wealth

Everything changed for me when I started taking a small action towards my dreams every day. Today, I am challenging you to do the same.

Here are a few easy jump start tips to help you get on the path to progress:

• Create a vision board-fill it with words and images that represent your goals and dreams for the future. On the back draw a line down the middle. On the left side write out all of your goals. On the right write out all the correlating day to day behaviors that will make this possible. You will surely find some gaps. You don' t have to tackle them all at once, just take action every day that moves you closer to your goals. If you see something that really sticks out as incongruent, for example, you want to buy a million dollar beach property and you currently earn 30,000 per year, you may need to take a look at your source of income. Keep your vision board out in the open so you see it everyday and can keep on track with progress.

• Get a mentor or coach-find someone who has completed the goals that you want to achieve. Search for someone that will keep you on track, stretch you, push you and keep you accountable.

• Create space for new things, enriching experiences and the people that motivate and inspire you. Clean house in every area removing what no longer serves you and create an opportunity for new things to come into your life.

The thing people misconstrue when they are trying to accomplish big goals and dreams is that they think "one day" I will do this or that and everything will fall into place. Accomplishing anything of significance requires ongoing action and discipline in our daily decisions. It's the small day to day decisions that add up to and create our future.
Procrastination is the number 1 dream killer so take action today.

Author's Bio: 

Kelly Roach is a business growth strategist and peak performance coach. Her passion lies in helping individuals design and grow businesses that create lifestyle and financial freedom, without compromising a high quality of life.

As a Senior Vice President for a Fortune 500 firm Kelly has consistently grown teams and divisions by between 50-300% in profit consistently and through all economic cycles. Having racked up 7 promotions in 8 years, Kelly is an expert in creating record breaking growth in productivity and profitability.

Kelly is a thought leader when it comes to the link between exercise, empowerment and exponential business growth. Kelly teaches leaders how to get optimal, so that they can cultivate the greatest potential and performance within their teams.

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