Hypnosis and mind control may seem to be related since they belong to the same niche. Yet, there are glaring differences noticed between them. In order to discover the differences, it’s very important you get to know what they actually stand for.

Hypnosis is simply an artificially induced condition which can be used on someone whereby the person responds to several questions or suggestions by the hypnotist. The process can also be used on a group of individuals for a certain purpose. When this is used for therapeutic purposes, the process is known as hypnotherapy. However, when it is used as a form of entertainment for an audience, it can be referred to as “stage hypnosis”.

On the other hand, mind control is the process of using some tricks in getting the desired reaction you want from others. You can use the trick to get total or partial control over what is going on in another person’s mind. When it is used during meditation, it can help you get completely focused on the subject of your contemplation. You can easily manage your emotions and thoughts when you engage in this kind of meditation. In most cases, great men and women who achieved great feats in life were able to have perfect control over their minds through daily meditation.

Having seen the basic definitions of hypnosis and mind control, it is very clear to pinpoint their differences. The major difference you’ll notice between these two is that hypnosis can only be used on others. There is no way you can hypnotize yourself by any means. A hypnotist must be involved to make the process happen. On the other hand, mind control meditation can be used on oneself as well as on others. You can easily engage in this kind of meditation at any point in time. All you need is to locate a quiet place and sit down and then meditate. You can equally use all forms of mind control tricks to gain access to what goes on in the mind of another person. You can actually persuade others to agree with you on certain points through the use of mind control tricks.

Again, another difference is also noticed in the way hypnosis and mind control is applied. Some claims that hypnosis can be used for therapeutic purposes. If you’re having a problem of phobia, smoking or obesity, a hypnotist can help you out if the process is correct. In some cases, the hypnosis may employ some techniques used in meditation to actually get you to be quiet, while you can use mind control tricks to get your desired reaction from others at a particular point in time. There is no way you can use mind control tricks to hypnotize someone. It is only meant for temporal purposes.

Overall, it is very clear that hypnosis and mind control have clear cut differences. Nevertheless, some elements used in one may also be used in the other. It all depends on how you’re able to engage the basic principles involved.

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