Potato dish is a dual-purpose grain and vegetables. Before it is insignificant thing, are now favored by nutritionists that it is the star of vegetables. Is considered to be the world's most one of the great food. There are five major effect of potato :

1. Potatoes can keep the pace of the years
Potatoes nutritious, is anti-aging food. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and pantothenic acid and other B group vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose, also contains trace elements, amino acids, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutrients. People who regularly eat potatoes good health, old slow.

2.Potatoes can lose weight
Do not have to worry about excess fat to eat potatoes, because it contains 0.1% fat, eat the food of all the lowest fat content. Eat potatoes every day, can reduce fat intake, you can let the body gradually metabolized the extra fat, eliminate your scourge. Potatoes on the human body has a wonderful effect. Thin people eat to get fat, fat people eat to lose weight, eat up posture will become slim.

That their body is not ideal, as long as the potatoes will eat food to eat every day for some time, do not suffer from a diet can be received 'the more beautiful the more greedy ' effect. However, the weight loss is to be noted that potatoes do not cook and eat the staple food. Each eat 1 medium size on it.

3.Potatoes are a natural beauty to share
Potatoes have a good skin care, face care effect. Direct coating of fresh potato juice on the face, whitening effect is very significant. Human skin easily in the hot summer is sunburn, tanning, potato juice on the stain removal effect is obvious, and no side effects.

Potato skin around eye has a significant cosmetic effect. The cooked potato slices, attached to the eye, can reduce the swelling under the eye bags. Slice the potatoes enough in the face, with skin care, good results in reducing wrinkles. Young people, strong oil secretion, often by acne, acne problems, fresh potato juice with a cotton stick coated surface of the skin can solve this problem.

4.Potatoes can improve the character
Potatoes contain vitamin C. Workers living in modern society, the most vulnerable to depression, frustration, anxiety and other negative emotional disturbance, potatoes can help you solve this problem. Food can affect people's emotions, because it contains minerals and nutrients which elements can the human body, improve mental state. Potatoes can help you add vitamin A and C, also under the premise of providing nutrition to replace the excessive consumption of meat pH imbalance caused by food.

5.Potatoes can adjust the physical weakness
Potatoes not only does not make people fat, and callus, diuretic, antispasmodic effect. It can control ecchymosis, neuralgia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, but also governance eye pain. Potatoes are rich in potassium, muscle weakness and loss of appetite in people, long-term use of diuretics or laxatives people eat potatoes, to supplement the body lacks potassium.

High content of protein and vitamin B group can enhance the physical, but also has to improve memory and to think clearly and so on.

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