Empowerment of the self is the philosophy by which I run my coaching practice. It is the concept involving the transformation of one's being, in order to achieve true balance amongst the mind, body, and soul. Its strength lies in the ability to trust our instinctual behaviors and eliminate the idea of total control within our immediate worlds.

The idea of trusting our actions seems a thought most of us would agree is natural in our lives. However, when placed in situations of frustration or insecurity, the thought of trusting what we consider to be right, can seem catastrophic! We begin to question our beliefs, our abilities to think logically, and our own instinct for preservation of the self. This is not uncommon in a world where we are constantly bombarded with conflicting images of right and wrong. Therefore, Empowerment of the Self, focuses on internal cues of strength rather than external cues. The outside world is merely an illusion of what we wish it to be.

Control for many can be considered the ultimate tool of power. The elimination of it from our lives is not easily welcomed. How many individuals do we know, who need to be in control in order for their lives to progress smoothly? What happens when the grasp over the external world starts to crumble? There have been many figures in our lifetime who have experienced this collapse of control. Even in our families it is inevitable. The reason is control is a false sense of security that can be extinguished at any time, leaving those who thrive on it...crippled. Empowerment of the Self teaches that we cannot control everything in our lives. The only concrete item we can actually dominate is our perception of life. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing who you are and making decisions on the control you possess over yourself, rather than the control external forces have over you.

In conclusion, Empowerment of the Self, is a powerful technique that means exactly what it says. It is the optimistic view that we can find the ultimate balance in our lives as long as we remember that our strengths and resources to succeed are always located deep within ourselves.~

Author's Bio: 

Kathleen Arango is the Founder of Supremelifecoaching.com. which focuses on what she terms Empowerment of the Self. She is a certified Life Coach who believes in the can-do philosophy and works with both individuals and groups to prioritze their goals, create balance between their home and work place, and strengthen relationships.