No matter what you may think about psychics or the world of the paranormal or unexplainable, there are people who are so relaxing in both mind and body that they have the power to channel the unknown by communicating with the deceased or be clairvoyant enough to receive information about your future. There are a lot of other unexplainable phenomenons as well. Have you ever experienced physical pain that arose for no reason whatsoever, like headaches or migraines? Other people have reoccurring and traumatizing nightmares night after night for no apparent reason. Is there a way to eliminate these stress reactors or are they here for good?

Theta brain waves are slow and relaxing brainwaves that are usually associated with us when we sleep and are dreaming. Located in the right hemisphere of the brain, they usually arise when we are dreaming, sleepy, emotional, relaxed or daydreaming. Although we all possess theta brain waves, they are most commonly accessible for people that struggle with ADD, or those that dream in a very relaxed state. Artists are known to have frequent theta brain waves as well as any other highly creative individual. Whenever we are really and truly relaxed, dreaming in a deep slumber or creatively thinking, we may be utilizing theta brain waves. When we are consciously awake, our brain waves are going at 13-40 Hz, which is known as Beta brain waves. When we are mediation or in a deep relaxed state, our Alpha brain waves measure at 7-13 Hz. However, when we are dreaming, our Theta brain waves measure out at 4-7 Hz, which accounts for a deep relaxation that no other level of our brain waves can match. This accounts for many benefits for both of mind and body.

Since theta brain waves operate at a much slower rate, there are many benefits to our emotional state of mind. It’s unlikely that many adults will experience theta brain waves during their waking hours, but many children two and under experience it on an ongoing basis. Children have the abilility to feel relaxed at all times (except when they cry) but as adults, our brain is usually experiencing alpha or beta brain waves. When we sleep and are totally relaxed, we can easily experience theta brain waves. Musicians, sculptors and artists of many genres are able to experience more theta brain waves than other individuals. This is because they tap into theta brain waves as a way to become creative when there ‘artistic juices’ have run out.

Since theta brain waves are considered fast brain activity, they offer many benefits you can utilize in the workplace. The common beta brain wave pattern is that it can block people from getting past conflicts and finding the appropriate solution. Theta brain waves can help you solve your problems with an extra amount of problem solving ability. This can help writer’s overcome ‘writer’s block’ or help business professional’s move past the problem at hand and see the larger picture more clearly. Theta brain waves can also contribute to lowering the stress level overall. There’s a good chance that for anyone that has a large amount of theta brain waves ongoing as they move through their day and night, they experience less stress and better coping abilities for when they do have a stressful situation. Theta brain waves make it easier for individuals to have less anxiety and neurosis overall.
There’s no question here: learning language as we become older is not as easy as it once was when we were children. Although there are many memory ticks available, part of the difficulty to transform our memory so that we can learn language quickly has to do with our brain waves. What is blocking us from retaining information more thoroughly and easily as we age? Since theta brain waves are so commonly found in children, there is strong correlation between the presence of theta brain waves and learning language and language development. When we have theta brain waves in our consciousness as an adult, our ability to learn language easily is possible. Theta brain waves can also explain what connects our physical and spiritual selves. If you’ve ever wondered why some people have a stronger spiritual connection than others, it could be due to theta brain waves. This type of brain activity has been suggested to improve spiritual awareness and insight. Theta brain waves have also been thought to improve a person’s ability to have ESP and be receptive to paranormal activity.

So, with as many benefits as theta brain waves can create for someone, what could possibly be the drawback? People with ADD have trouble focusing. Attention Deficit Disorder creates a difficulty to concentrate on one thing for too long, and the contribution of theta brain waves can make it increasingly difficult to focus. Another downside of theta brain waves can also produce feelings of depression until you move into the beta or alpha range. Boredom is a common feeling experienced with theta brain waves; however, if you experience boredom or become uninvolved with life’s usual activities for too long, you may want to think about contacting your doctor.

Depression is quite common with people that have large amounts of theta brain waves, and if this is the case with you, it’s important to be vey cautious about symptoms you exhibit. For example, if you have a loss of appetite, become highly impulsive or stop finding joy with the activities you normally enjoy, consult a professional. However, there are so many benefits, that for many people, it’s worth improving the amount of theta brain waves you currently have. Playing video games can shut down the beta brain waves and switch your brain to a visual type of thinking which can produce a creative, theta activity on a regular basis. Meditation can drastically help to lower your brain waves, especially when done on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter whether you meditate, play video games or indulge in more artistic activities to increase your theta brain wave activity. All contributes to more productivity, creativity and the improvement of your memory.

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