Neuro-Lingistic Programming (NLP) is used extensively throughout almost every industry with arms that are far reaching, delving into area’s that are varied and at times surprising. The power’s that be have discovered the efficiency of this valuable tool, and are using it to their full advantage. Even if you are not a professional of any kind, you should at least be aware of the powerful work that can be accomplished with the use of NLP.

There are NLP courses specially designed for professionals in the area of sales and marketing. People who rely on the ability to sell themselves in order to sell a product or idea are specifically trained in this field. The training itself stresses the use of language, body language, modeling and other useful techniques to create rapport with the customer and encourage them to desire the product. The object is to convince the customer to purchase the product or commodity, and it works successfully. If you are interested in this kind of training, I recommend Persuasion Engineering. This course is taught by John LaValle and Richard Bandler. I attended the course in Orlando, Florida with my son. The object was to introduce my son to NLP, but I found it to be very helpful and effectual for me in my field of therapeutic NLP.

Every time I turn on the television I am reminded of the strong use of NLP in marketing. It is even used more extensively with the invention of the mute button. The challenge for the advertiser is to get into your subconscious mind with fast paced flashing pictures, bright colors, and words written in bold letters across the screen that appeal to a particular targeted audience. They use convincing language for the few people that have forgotten to mute, and music that elicits a desired response from the potential customer. Marketing professionals are highly trained to use compelling, influential techniques to achieve their goal.

“One of the most consistently lucrative form of writing is that of writing advertising copy. This can encompass a wide range of media…from newspaper and magazine advertising to commercials written for radio, where the spoken word must carry the message…to television where images are used to enhance the written message…almost entirely replacing words with sound and visual stimuli.

All teaching professionals should be trained in NLP, and many are. The mind of a young child is open and susceptible to influence whether productive or unproductive. It’s important for the teacher to understand that everything they do and say can have a strong influence in a child’s life. NLP can help to train a child in learning techniques and give them the desire and self esteem to succeed in whatever they chose to do in life.

Successful sports professionals know the secret of using NLP to improve their game, expand on their desire to win, and to work out any issues that might be holding them back from achieving the desired results. Both NLP and hypnosis have been used over the years to improve the performance of many award-winning athletes.

"The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”
Muhammad Ali

NLP is an extremely important and frequently used skill by many in the acting profession. Although there are many of the NLP techniques they utilize, modeling is used by all of them. The ability to step into the shoes of the person they’re portraying is essential for them. They can become so into character that it becomes difficult to step out of character once filming has been completed. In order for an actor to play a part with convincing passion, they need to temporarily become that character in body movements, accent, emotions and beliefs. I admire the skills of a good actor. I’m reminded of Sally Field in Norma Rae and Sissy Spacek in Coal Miners Daughter., some examples of modeling a character in an inspired way.

“Actors with performance anxiety-Tip #3 is use Hypnosis, NLP, and Time line Therapy.”
- Angela Bailey, hypnotist

Comedians are experts in the use of NLP. In fact, when I went to school to become a Master Practitioner of NLP, one of our assignments was to watch recordings of comedians such as George Carlin. Laughter and comedy can be very convincing, and they use NLP techniques in many cases without even being aware of it. They use nested loops, distraction, and appeal to all of the senses in ways that most people have never considered. Richard Bandler himself used George Carlin as a model at one time, to develop his art. Check out this video of a comedian, Richard Stockton who uses NLP to make people laugh.

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Dorothy E. Glover, CHt is a Life and Success Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and Master Hypnotist. Writing is also her passion.