The Universe Is In A Constant State Of Flux And Re-Alignment.

Every Day, As We Live Our Lives, The Universe Receives Our Transmissions And Frequencies And The Law Of Attraction Ensures That What We Desire Is Reflected Back To Us.

We Want These Reflections From The Universe To Be All Positive.

Before This Can Happen, One Must First Acknowledge That The Universe Itself Is A Positive Force. The Universe Is A Complex Nexus Of Creation That Receives Input From Every Living Being.

As Such, It Is A Force That Provides – And Even In Moments Of Destruction, Such As The Death Of A Whole Planet, The Universe Ensures That No Energy Is Wasted.

Things Are Merely Transformed. Change Is The Only Constant Factor In The Equation – And It Is This Constant Factor That Makes The Law Of Attraction That Much More Powerful.

If There Is Change, There Can Be Creation, And If Creation Is Possible, Changes In Your Life Become Extremely Possible.

We’re Not Talking About Small Changes Here; We Are Talking About Monumental Changes In Your Life That Will Implicate Not Only The Smallest Details But Also The Big Details Of Your Life That Will Determine Health And Prosperity For The Long Term.

Again, Before This Can Be Achieved, You Have Acknowledge That The Universe Itself Is Not Out To Get You But Is There To Help You Achieve What You Want.

This Alignment With The Universe Can Be Accomplished Day By Day.

Start With Thoughts That Embrace The Goodness Of The Universe Itself. Tell Yourself That The Universe Is Here To Help You.

Tell Yourself That The Universe Is A Beautiful Place And You Deserve The Best Seat In The House.

Remind Yourself That Everything You Want Is Already Pouring In And You Just Have To Catch Everything Because Your Life Is Filled With Abundance And True Grace.

As You Create These Majestic Thoughts, Clear Your Mind And Allow Yourself To Be Immersed In Affirmative Thoughts And Positive Emotions. Do This Regularly, Especially In The Most Trying Times.

This Is One ‘Shortcut’ To Using The Law Of Attraction To Your Full Advantage.

It Takes Time To Master, But Complete Alignment With The Universe Will Make Sure That You Will Be Able To Manifest Everything You Want In Life And This Is Truly Guaranteed.

The Five Principles For Manifesting Your Desires
Below Are My Five Key Principles For Genuine Manifesting.
When Practicing These Steps, Make Sure To Stay Committed To The Goal Of Feeling Good First And Attracting Stuff Second.

Continue To Remind Yourself That When You Feel Good You Energetically Attract Goodness Into Your Life. When Your Primary Function Is To Be Happy, Then Whatever Comes To You Is Irrelevant. Happiness Is Your True Manifestation.

Principle One: Clear Space

Before You Begin The Manifestation Process You Must Take The Necessary Time To Release All Your Disbelief In Your Power To Be Happy. One Of The Best Ways To Clear The Blocks Of Disbelief Is To Pray For Release.

Begin A Daily Prayer Practice Of Asking The Universe To Set You Free From All The Limiting Beliefs That Block You From Believing In Your Greatness. Stay Open For Signs From The Universe And Show Up For The Assignments That Are Brought To You.

Universal Assignments Come In Many Forms. Maybe You’re Guided To The Relationship That Brings Up All Your Shit So That You Have To Finally Heal Your Fear. Or Maybe You Lose Your Job So That You Can Learn The Lessons Of Self-Reliance And Strengthen Your Self-Love.

Trust That These Assignments, However Tough At Times, Are Incredible Opportunities For You To Clean Your Energy And Clear Space To Call In What You Desire.

Principle Two: Get Clear

Clarity Is King When It Comes To Manifesting Your Desires. You Must Have Clear Intentions For What You Want To Call In—Otherwise You Can Manifest A Lot Of What You Don’t Want.

Focus On What You Desire And Then Make A List Of All That Goes Along With It. If You’re Getting Clear About The Job You Want, Make A List Of All The Things About The Job That Make You Happy: The Office, The People, The Salary, Etc. Be Unapologetic About What You Want.

This List Helps To Clarify Your Intentions And Access A Vibrant Mental Picture Of What You Desire.

The Most Important Part Of This Step Is To Clarify How You Want To Feel. When You Get Clear On How You Want To Feel, You Can Begin To Access That Feeling.

That Feeling Is What Makes The Manifestation Come Into Form. You Can Write A Thousand Lists And Make A Million Vision Boards, But If You Don’t Clearly Feel What You Want To Experience, It Will Never Truly Manifest Into Form.

Principle Three: Think It, Feel It, Believe It!
Now Let’s Put These Steps Together. Take Your Clear Intention And Spend Time Every Day Sitting In The Feeling Of What It Is That You Desire.

You Might Access The Feeling Through Meditation And Visioning Exercises. Or Call On The Feeling When You’re In Nature Or Doing A Form Of Exercise You Love. Let The Thought Inform The Feeling And Let The Feeling Take Over Your Energy.

The More You Feel The Feeling Of What You Desire, The More You Believe It Is On The Way. From A Metaphysical Perspective, If You Believe It Then It Is Already Here.
So Make Time For Contemplating, Thinking, Feeling, And Believing.

Principle Four: Chill!

The Next Step Is Crucial To The Manifestation Process. In Order To Truly Manifest Your Desires Into Form, You Gotta Chill Out!

This Course Teaches: “Those Who Are Certain Of The Outcome Can Afford To Wait And Wait Without Anxiety.” Take This Message With You And Allow Your Faithfulness To Guide You Into The Belief That What You Desire Is On The Way.

Also Trust That The Universe Has A Much Better Plan Than You Do.

Though You Are Clear About What You Want, You Cannot Control The Timing Or The Form In Which It Comes. Stay Calm, Relax, And Trust That The Universe Has Your Back!

Principle Five: Know The Universe Has Your Back

When You’re In The Know You’re Deliberate About What You Want.

When You’re In The Know You No Longer Vibrate Energy Of Fear Or Disbelief.

You Just Know. As Your Disbelief Wilts Away, Wanting Is Replaced By Knowing.

Getting Into The Know Happens Naturally. When You Diligently Practice Steps One Through Four, You Will Clean House, Get Clear, And Feel Happier.

This Process Is Healing And Powerful, And It Leads To A Deep Inner Knowing That You Are Right Where You Need To Be. Accepting Your Greatness In This Moment, Right Now, Is What Manifests More Greatness.

Being In The Know Helps You Accept That You Already Are Living In Your Desired Manifestation. When You Feel It, You Live It—Regardless Of What Is Happening On The Outside.

In Time, The Universe Catches Up With Your Energy And Your Desires Come Into Form. This Process Of Allowing The Manifestation To Follow Your Internal Faith Is The True Process Of Co-Creation.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Abhishek Vyas Is The Youngest Numerologist From Maharashtra, He Started Practicing Numbers When He Was 19yrs Old.
He Recently Completed His Doctorate In Numerological Science And Honored With Gold Medal & The Youngest One From India To Do So At The Age Of 24.
Dr. Abhishek Also Practices Loa From The Early Stages In Life.
He Is One Of The Youngest Law Of Attraction Practitioner Around The Globe Certified By Dr. Joe Vitale And Dr. Steve Jones In Association With The Global Science Foundation.
Dr. Abhishek Also Expertise In Runes, Metaphysics, Crystal Ball Gazing, Spells, Crystal Grid & Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Wave Meditation Expert And More...